From Playful to Practical: Belkin Unveils a Range of Innovative Accessories for New iPad 2

Yep… still not done with the iPad 2 accessories, this time we’ve got some nice looking ones from Belkin.

Belkin announces innovative solutions for iPad 2 with the introduction of the FlipBlade Adjust, the ViewLounge, and a new line of Folio Stands that allow more flexibility as to how, where, and when you access your tablet for browsing the Web, enjoying photos, reading e-books, and much more.


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FlipBlade Adjust

The razor-thin FlipBlade Adjust is a compact, portable stand that flips open and adjusts to four angles, allowing you to easily switch to a more ergonomic position for FaceTime video calling or writing emails with an easy, tilt-back motion. The FlipBlade Adjust also is designed with an opening to easily run cables through the base for charging.


Experience the first stand for iPad 2 that provides stability and unparalleled support on soft or uneven surfaces, allowing you to comfortably use your tablet while relaxing in bed or on the couch. Incorporating a unique beanbag base that conforms to any surface and a slip-resistant texture to secure iPad 2, ViewLounge provides a multifunctional stand that fits into your daily lifestyle of watching movies and surfing the Web while at home.


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Folio Stands

Belkin also introduces a stylish and protective new line of Folio Stands that feature the ability to easily convert for viewing or typing. Folio Stands protect your iPad 2 and provide simple, easy-to-use designs that prop upright and allow you to read books or play games anywhere, anytime.


FlipBlade Adjust, ViewLounge, and the new line of Folio Stands will be available Spring 2011 in all global regions.

FlipBlade Adjust (F5L084tt)

  • Lightweight, compact portable solution
  • Four adjustable angles for viewing and typing
  • Opening for routing cables through the base
  • For use in landscape or portrait view

ViewLounge (F5L089tt)

  • Beanbag base accommodates various surfaces for a stable hold
  • Adjustable viewing and typing angles
  • Textured bottom surface prevents sliding off furniture
  • For use in landscape or portrait view

Flip Folio Stand (F8N612eb)

  • Perforated design offers stylish protection
  • Versatile options for multiple viewing angles
  • Secure case closure keeps iPad 2 in place

Access Folio Stand (F8N610eb)

  • Easy-access pocket for accessories
  • Media-viewing angle
  • Typing angle

Slim Folio Stand (F8N605eb)

  • Ultra-thin profile offers protection without any bulk
  • Versatile options for multiple viewing angles
  • Typing angle

Verve Folio Stand (F8N613eb)

  • Leather design offers elegant protection
  • Versatile options for multiple viewing angles
  • Secure closure keeps iPad 2 in place

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