Garmin GPS Forerunner 110 Watch


Today Garmin has introduced the Forerunner 110 GPS watch for runners, joggers and walkers. The idea is that it tracks you via GPS to show distance, pace and time. You can then use Garmin Connect to log your workouts, track goals and display time, distance, speed, elevation, and even heart rate. You can use it with Goole Maps to visually show your statistics, or through the Garmin software. The watch will save up to 200 hours of history and includes the SiRFstarIV GPS receiver with HotFix that works well in woods and the city alike when things can get in the way of other GPS units.

Available in three stylish color combinations – black/gray, charcoal/red and gray/pink – Forerunner 110 looks fashionable on the run, in the office or out on the town. Lasting up to 8 hours in GPS/training mode and up to three weeks in power-save mode, Forerunner 110 can be an everyday watch even on an off-day of training. Users can save time by charging the battery and uploading workout data to Garmin Connect™ at the same time through an easy-to-use USB connection, which also is used to upload free software updates quickly from g2

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