IDrive Online Backup Launches IDrive for WordPress


Now this seems like a great service, backing up my data and WP installations is something I know I should do on a regular basis but usually don’t. We all should be backing up our data regularly, but let’s face it we don’t always do what we’re supposed to do do we? A company called iDrive has made it easy to backup your wordpress site by including 2gigs of space for free. It works by doing a full backup first, and then doing incremental backups every day for you, and it backs up everything including the database. if something should happen you can even use the service to restore your sites..

"We have one goal – to provide online backup for every major device and platform. IDrive for WordPress ( is an attempt in that direction. It is a simple plugin that lets you create an account on the fly, do an immediate backup and schedule automated daily backups for your WordPress files and related mysql databases and tables. Restores are easy too. You also have the ability to manage the account via the IDrive web interface. Initial 2 GB storage is provided for free," says Raghu K President and CEO of

  Features include:
  --  Immediate backup of WordPress blog data, both files as well as MySQL
      data dump, into your IDrive online backup account
  --  Scheduled backups occur after 12 midnight every day
  --  Immediate restore of backed up data from your IDrive online backup
  --  Only the first backup transfers entire WordPress content, subsequent
      backups are incremental where only the modified data is backed up
  --  Automatic notification via email on backup / restore status
  --  Secure transfer of data to IDrive server using SSL
  --  Detailed logging of backup / restore operations

"We are working towards enhancing this offering. It currently supports Linux/Unix with PHP 5.1 or higher, " says Diganta D, Team Lead for IDrive Plugin for WordPress.

Web Site:

  2 comments for “IDrive Online Backup Launches IDrive for WordPress

  1. June 14, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    I don’t know if you had the chance to try it out on your own blog. But its a bit buggy, though its quite new.

    The sql database backup keep reporting failed. Thats not a good thing since its a very important part of wordpress.

    Also the connection is quite slow. I’ve tried it on my new established site and it took like 1 hour and 6 minutes. I think it was 18 mb. That’s doesn’t matter that much, because of the automatic schedule.

    Over all the idea is very good and it just got released. I think there will be improvements in near future.


  2. Anonymous
    July 19, 2011 at 12:23 pm

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