Indiegogo Wallet Drone World’s Smallest Quadcopter

Blue Wallet Drone Square Flying

I love remote control stuff especially if it flies and on Indiegogo there’s a new campaign for the Wallet Drone which they’re calling the world’s smallest quadcopter and at on 4cm square I would have to say it is. It’s got 44 days to go and it’s already 37% funded so I would say it’s doing well. The one big thing to note, at least I think it is, is that it’s NOT infrared, it’s an actual radio control vehicle which is much better than infrared is. There are many of these types of products out there and a lot of them are infrared which just isn’t the best as you have to stay in line of sight, but radio control is much better especially for flying things like the Wallet Drone. More info, link and pictures below for you..



Blue Wallet Drone Square IMG_3406 IMG_3496 IMG_3407


The Wallet Drone combines both ideas into one design: a compact controller that docks the World’s Smallest Quadcopter™ inside of its case and charges the drone without the need for wires or access to a USB port.

With the Wallet Drone, you can enjoy full quadcopter flight anywhere you go: both indoors and outdoors-at the office, in the park, in your dorm and beyond!

The Wallet Drone comes fully assembled and ready to fly after a short 15 minute charge with 4-AA batteries in the remote control docking station or via the included USB cable.

Each Wallet Drone comes with the Drone itself, a wallet sized 2.4gHz remote controller/docking station, a USB charging cable and one spare set of blades.