Kickstarter: Mr. Everything All-in-One Charging, Power & Speaker Station


So here’s something on Kickstarter that can do pretty much everything including charge your car battery and it’s aptly named Mr. Everything. It’s a portable speaker, light, battery and storage device that can be used for anything like going to the beach or for emergencies. There’s even a Mr. Everything Plus which comes with a power outlet so you can plug in your laptop or other things. There’s three days left on Kickstarter and they only need a little under $5,000 to be fully funded. My only question is where’s Mrs. Everything?

Quote:  “Mr. Everything is the all-in-one smart device charging station that includes additional features to keep you organized and prepared, no matter where life takes you! Mr. Everything includes charging capability for all of your smart devices (it can even jump your car battery!), a utility box to organize your charging cords and cables, LED lights, and even Bluetooth speakers to provide music wherever you go. Mr. Everything+ includes all of the Mr. Everything features with the added bonus of a universal AC power outlet.”