Classic Media, a global media company with a portfolio of some of the world’s leading family and pop-culture entertainment brands, today announces that it has signed a deal with games publisher Mastertronic and developers Codemonkeys to bring a Postman Pat™ game to the iPhone and iPod Touch handsets.

Postman Pat is available now on digital download from Apple’s App store (UK) priced £2.99p. Based on the popular series aimed pre-school kids, since its first screening on BBC1 in 1981, the series has remained a firm favourite and is currently airing on CBeebies channel. 

Embark on a journey full of fun and surprises with Postman Pat and his black and white cat Jess, as they deliver the mail in the valley of Greendale and
encounter numerous adventures along the way. Use the Practice Mode to brush up on your skills or play all 10 mini games in the sequence in the Story Mode. In School Rush, Julian is late for school and Postman Pat needs your help to get Julian’s school bag ready as quickly as possible! In Missing Mail: Pat has drafted in Farmer Ted Glen to help him track down some missing mail, help Ted use his new helicopter backpack, but with limited fuel you must work fast! The Feeding Frenzy game features Amy who needs a hand to feed the animals. But don’t let the animals get hungry or you’ll lose points! Help PC Selby win the Greendale bike race, compete with characters from the village including, the Reverend Peter Timms, Nisha Bains and Jeff Pringle in the Bike Race game, avoiding the hay bales and traffic cones in the road!

Garry Williams, Business Development Director, Mastertronic, Commented – “We’ve been working with Classic Media on previous projects and gaming formats. This deal extends our work taking their brands into new and emerging digital formats. For over 27 years Postman Pat has delivered enchanting entertainment to the delight of young children around the world. We are delighted to bring Postman Pat to the iPhone and to launch the game on the App Store”.

Postman Pat is available now for only £2.99 at: