UNIEA’S New Netbook Sleeve Puts Fashion and Style First.

Universal Electronic Accessories (“Uniea”), a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative electronic accessories, recently unveiled its newest sleeve design for netbooks to the U.S. market. The U-Sleaf, a lightweight neoprene sleeve, represents a new innovation from Uniea, making style, fashion, and color the primary features of the new design. The U-Sleaf fits all 10.2-inch netbooks as well as the new Amazon Kindle DX.

Simple Features

The U-Sleaf features a simple case design that is primarily designed to enhance the look and feel of users’ netbooks. While traditional netbook cases offer bulky features for added protection, the U-Sleaf’s minimalist design allows users to slide their netbook quickly and easily in and out of the sleeve for easy access. Lightweight neoprene construction adds a minimal amount of weight or bulk to 10-inch netbooks, while a unique, wave-shaped flap keeps the sleeve tightly closed without the use of zippers or Velcro, protecting the netbook from scratches.

Style Comes First

The designers at Uniea put style and fashion first with the U-Sleaf, trading drop protection for a simple sleeve design with reversible colors. The zipper- and Velcro-less U-Sleaf looks cooler than other cases on the market. It is easy to carry and can be slipped into a backpack, handbag, or carried by hand to class, to work, or to the local coffee shop.

Colors Like You’ve Never Seen

Because netbooks are designed to be used on the go, Uniea decided to give netbook users some exciting color options for the U-Sleaf that match their style and fashion. The U-Sleaf comes in two designer color patterns – a blue checkered pattern with red trim and a multicolored square matrix design – each with a reversible plain color on the inside that gives users added color variety for their netbooks.

The 10.2” U-Sleaf will be available in leading retail stores across the U.S. and Europe in early 2010 and is currently available in Uniea’s online store at www.unieastore.com for only $19.95.