MSI Announces Availability of GX640 Gaming Notebook


We’ve got a nice looking and fairly decent spec’d gaming notebook from MSI that was just announced. It’s called the GX640 and it comes with a Corei5 CPU and ATI 5850 DirectX 11 graphics, 4 gigs of memory, 500gb HDD, and a nice big 9 cell battery. The display is 15.4 inch in size running at 1680×1050 and it runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. It has a list price of $1099.99.

GX640’s new GPU supports DirectX 11 graphics, future-proofing the notebook for the next generation of games and 3D graphics. Its Core i5 processor improves battery life by as much as 15% and features Intel’s new Turbo Boost technology which can increase overall performance by as much as 30%, ensuring smooth gameplay.

The new lightweight notebook is housed in a stylish brushed aluminum case with fire engine red accents  The GX640 features a raised chiclet keyboard, for increased accuracy and comfort while typing, and clearly marked W, A, S and D keys for quick response while gaming.



GX640_Black RED_Photo5 GX640_Black RED_Photo6_wallpaper GX640_Black RED_Photo013 GX640_Black RED_Photo014 GX640_Black RED_Photo012 GX640_Black RED_Photo3





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