No More Aero RCA Has a Suggestion

Maybe that headline is a bit misleading, and maybe it isn’t, but RCA has just announced some new over the air antennas. They’re sort of listing them as a suggestion for those affected by the recent Aero ruling in that since you can’t get your broadcast channels from Aero you can from RCA. That’s not all it says, but the gist of it I think. The Antennas though are supposedly better in terms of reception than others on the market.


The Supreme Court’s ruling that Aereo violated broadcasters’ copyrights has subscribers unsure of how Aereo will evolve to continue in new form. With Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia stating there is “no plan B,” subscribers are looking for solutions to continue accessing broadcast content without the burden of monthly cable bills. rca2

RCA digital flat antennas are the only antennas that receive true 360° signals, outperforming competitive antennas that only offer bi- or multi-directional signal support. This is great for the many consumers who live in dense urban areas or have several broadcast towers in different directions.