Sky Mobile Wireless Carrier Launches Nationwide

There’s a new wireless carrier out there now and it’s called Sky Mobile and it’s inexpensive the cheapest being $15 for 500 talk and text units per month. I’m on AT&T and I have the lowest plan at 450 minutes per month and I have unlimited data with a price of a little over $80 per month. On Sky Mobile I could get the more minutes and unlimited data for $45 per month, yes their unlimited 3g data is $30 per month, the same I pay on AT&T actually. For about half the price I could get the same and more minutes per month. Hmm, not bad.. details below for you..



Sky Communications has launched a new wireless provider, Sky Mobile, which offers a wide variety of advantages to consumers all over the nation. Consumers who are looking for affordable cell phone service will no longer be financial prisoners to the moguls of the mobile industry. They now have the option to turn to Sky Mobile. Customers can say goodbye to high monthly bills, unpleasant surprises and unrealistic expectations. Sky Mobile has several plans that can fit any person’s budget. Consumers can now look to this cost-effective provider for their nationwide cellular phone service.

Sky Mobile offers several options for mobile phones. The most basic user can still choose a flip phone that is fashionable and trendy enough to present a strong element of style. Flip phones now come with features such as Bluetooth, cameras, expandable memory and Internet access. Therefore, flip users do not have to feel left out of the technology scene. Smartphone users can enjoy mid-grade to high-end devices from some of the top manufacturers such as Apple, LG, Samsung and Kyocera. Consumers can find something that fits their personality and their budget. Phone prices range from $35 to $499.

Being able to save money on a cell phone is one of the most important aspects of consumer budgeting. Sky Mobile is proud to offer plans that are as low as $15 per month. Consumers who rarely use their mobile phones can choose plans with limited voice minutes and text messages for an extremely low price. Power users who want to have unlimited access can sign up for an all-inclusive voice and text plan for a competitive price. Customers will also be able to choose the amount of data they want to use on a monthly basis. They can choose an amount from 100 mb per month to an unlimited amount.

All Sky Mobile plans offer nationwide coverage and reliability. Music lovers will have access to Sky Play, which is Sky Mobile’s intricate music service. The service will offer unlimited streaming of millions of songs. Sky Play’s database includes oldies, new music, and the vast assortment of genres that exist under those umbrellas.

Sky Mobile will provide customers with high-quality customer service, reliable products, impeccable reception and a viable option for their communications needs. The company will work hard to satisfy the nation of cell phone users.