The Pillow Pets are Coming to the Nintendo DS

A game about pillows, yes it’s happened. My kids love the Pillow Pets, they’ve got several of them actually and of course they still want more. Personally I think they’re cute and all, but they’re not all that. Then again I’m not a child so I’ve got no fascination with cute and cuddly things. I just told my youngest, he’s six, and he got so excited about it that he gave me a hug. The game is for the Nintendo DS obviously and in it you must find your lost friend. There’s more to it than that like customizing your Pillow Pets, exploring, gathering tokens and meeting and finding more Pillow Pets. If you’ve got young kids, make sure this one is on your list for the holiday season, I’m sure they’ll want it. Here’s a few screenshots and more info about the game.

pillow pets hi res front 8_23 pillow pets logo alone USED 1  USED 2 USED 3 USED 4


GameMill Entertainment, an independent publisher of entertaining mass-market video games, today announced plans to bring the loveable and cuddly Pillow Pets™ companions to Nintendo DS™ as an exciting and entertaining adventure game. The Pillow Pets™ game for Nintendo DS is set to launch in North America this Holiday.

Based on the beloved children’s line of plush pillows from CJ Products that easily transform into snuggly companions, the Pillow Pets™ game for Nintendo DS invites you to jump, fly, buzz and explore Dreamland, the imaginative world where the Pillow Pets™ characters thrive.  Get to know your charming pet’s personality as you customize him or her with hats, glasses and more!  When your favorite pal goes missing you must set out on a journey to bring your lost pet home safely. But don’t fret!  Along the way you’ll meet cuddly friends and uncover tokens and rewards that will make for an unforgettable experience!  Whether playing alone or side by side with friends, the Pillow Pets™ game for Nintendo DS creates a nurturing and fantasy-filled adventure that can be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages.

Additional Pillow Pets™ In-Game Features:

  • Collectables: Meet and collect up to 16 well-known Pillow Pets™ characters including farm critters and jungle animals!
  • Beautiful Lands to Explore: Venture into magical lands including Fantasy Woods, Rainbow Valley and Slumber Land Castle!
  • Customization: Accessorize your Pillow Pets™ from head to toe!  Up to 40 accessories to unlock from hats, glasses and more!
  • Rewards: Gather tokens, unlock bonuses and garner prizes in each level!

Developed by First Playable, the Pillow Pets™ game for Nintendo DS is rated “E” for Everyone by the ESRB.  For additional information about GameMill’s line of products, please visit:

For more information, please visit