Tokyoflash Introduces Kisai Traffic


Tokyoflash has some wild looking products that’s for sure, their latest watch is called Kisai Traffic and it’s certainly unique with it’s Tron-esque look. The watch is meant to look look like city blocks complete with a subway and a highway out of town. The main city streets are blue, they are the hours, then you have five minutes markers which is the subway, then you have single minute marks which is the highway out of town. Sounds confusing, but once you look at it you’ll understand. Price is $169, and it charges via USB.


LED digital tubes

USB rechargeable

Smart smoked black lens when off

Sharp, bright LED lines to indicate the time when on.

Stainless steel case and strap.

User selectable animation mode between 18:00 and 24:00


traffic1 traffic2 traffic3



Traffic is 15,900 Japanese yen ($169, €141, £121) including delivery, and this limited edition watch is available exclusively from