Verizon and Pantech Introduce the Jest


Yeah, here’s another of those phones where I’ve just got to ask who comes up with the names for these phones?! The Jest?!  Looking in the dictionary we find four different definitions basically for Jest: 1. A playful or amusing act; a prank. 2. A frolicsome or frivolous mood. 3. An object of ridicule; a laughingstock. 4. A witty remark. Well, I’m thinking that Pantech and Verizon are hoping it’s not going to be number 3… Anyway, I like Pantech phones, they’re usually basic but well made ones, and I’ve never seen one for anyone but AT&T actually, so trying one on Verizon should be a treat! The Jest is basically a social type phone with stuff for Facebook, MySpace and Twitter in there and of course the keyboard makes life easier. It’s got a 2MP camera and a 2.5” TFT screen. Price will be $69.99 after $50 mail-in rebate and 2yr agreement of course.


Pantech Jest_Open

Key features:

  • 2.6” 262K color TFT display

  • Self Icon personalization to create icons and banners and display an electronic sign on your phone display

  • Optical directional key with swipe motion technology

  • Built-in 2.0-megapixel camera takes high-quality pictures and records video

  • Text, picture, video and voice messaging

  • Mobile IM and Chat for quick text conversations

Lifestyle features:

  • Social Beat pre-loaded for direct connections to Facebook®, MySpace® and Twitter™

  • Media Center – Download ringtones, wallpapers and games from your network to your phone

  • VZ Navigator® for detailed maps in real time with audible turn-by-turn directions to millions of points of interest in the United States

  • V CAST Music with Rhapsody® (subscription and PC downloads) digital music service. Download soundtracks and albums or sync playlists with a PC

  • Mobile Web browsing capabilities for news, sports, weather and e-mail, providing access to up-to-date information when users subscribe to Internet service

  • Stereo Bluetooth® technology for wireless connections between electronic devices; connects to Bluetooth-enabled headsets and hands-free systems