ArtWizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G


Lately my editor has been providing me with semi weekly bonuses of iPhone products. Today, I will be looking at one of the items from a company known as Artwizz. They are a European based company who produce accessories for various gadgets primarily for iPhone and Blackberry devices. Up first from Artwizz is their Leather Pouch for the iPhone 3G.

The Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G arrives in a semi-circle plastic container with the pouch visualized in a clear window. Removing the pouch from this case was difficult as the ends were hermetically glued down and there were no easily accessible openings for opening the package. After a semi-brief struggle, I was able to defeat the case and remove the Le
ather Pouch, which was the only content of the packaging.


According to the Artwizz website, the Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G comes in either red or black versions. For today’s review, we will look at the black model.

The Leather Pouch is comprised of two sewn together pieces of black leather. On the inside of the case is a black velvet material. The pouch is thick but can be easily bent. Pushing the sides of the case opens it up for easy insertion and removal of the iPhone 3G.

Leather2 Leather3 Leather4 Leather5 Leather6

In the center of the case is an embossed Artwizz logo. The top of the case tapers to covers the upper portion of the iPhone 3G, while allowing access to the headphone jack, power switch, SIM card slot and the side mute switch.



Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G

The comfortable and trendy protective cover for your iPhone. Simply slide your iPhone 3G into the custom-fit protective cover. Carefully handmade, only premium leather of first-class quality was selected and used in the production of the leather pouches.
The posh leather pouch not only captivates with its design, but reliably protects from impact, shock and wear. The edges are sewn, therefore ensuring it is highly sturdy. The inside is lined with soft velvet and provides extreme comfort.

The leather pouch is available in black or red.

The iPhone 3G slides right into the case and is covered except for the upper portion of the case as described previously. If you prefer cases with belt clips, then with this model you are out of luck. The pouch is basically a leather sleeve that the iPhone 3G slides into.

The leather is fairly thick and seems like it would protect the iPhone 3G from most minor falls or trauma. However, if the phone slides out the open portion, then all bets are off.

Leather8 Leather9 Leather10 Leather11 Leather12 Leather13

Stylistically, the Leather Pouch is generic looking and does not offer anything in terms of distinct styling. To me, the Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G is reminiscent of cases that came with later version of Palm PDAs.



The Artwizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G does not stand out from the rather voluminous offerings of iPhone 3G cases. It is not a bad looking case nor does it have any major faults; it is just too plain and does not offer terrific protection.


Quality build

Generic looking
iPhone can slip out easily
No closure to secure iPhone 3G into place.

Overall score-6-10
Design score-6-10
Performance score-5-10