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With popular products comes many companies making accessories for them, take the iPod for instance, you can find a plethora of accessories for it by any number of makers, some are good and some not so good. There’s good and bad in every type of product really you just have to look carefully and buy from only respectable companies, but there are exceptions to that, some inexpensive stuff is good as well. When it comes to something like the iPod one of the must have accessories for it is a case, and you’ve got many choices out there if you’re looking to buy one, many styles, shapes, colors and sizes. When looking for a case I prefer silicone rubber styles as opposed to hard plastic, I just feel they offer a bit more protection than say a hard plastic case does, silicone rubber is also a bit more durable as well and not prone to cracking or breaking like hard plastic is.

A few days ago I took a look at the SeeJacket Crystal case from ArtWizz, today I’ve got another type of case for the iPod nano 4th, or should I say cases. The SeeJacket Silicone Clyde 3-Pack is the name of the product, and it’s three different colored silicone cases in one pack, so you can choose whatever case suits your mood. So they’re silicone cases which means they do offer a decent amount of protection for your iPod, I personally prefer the silicone or rubber style cases as I feel they offer a much better choice for protecting a product like the iPod, silicone just seems a bit more durable than something like hard plastic. Included with the cases is a screen protector and a click wheel protector, so this little boxed set not only protects the outer shell of the iPod but also offer an extra layer of protection.

When you’re looking for a case for your iPod, most likely your personal preferences will be a big part of the decision, whether you prefer materials like silicone, leather or plastic, or even cloth, you’ll have to not only choose what you like best, but what you think will do best at protecting your investment. When I’m looking at a case to protect my iPod I also take into account if it protects the screen or not as well, I know the nano supposedly has a scratch resistant screen, but I would rather have an extra layer of protection over the screen just in case. As I mentioned I prefer the silicone rubber style of case, they usually don’t add much bulk to the iPod, silicone offers not only scratch protection but  layer of shock protection as well, and silicone adds a non-slip surface to the iPods normally slick surface.

The packaging for the SeeJacket Silicone cases is simplistic yet nicely done, you can see the front and back of the cases through the box, and there’s a little bit of information listed.

DSCF7242 DSCF7244

Inside we find a plastic box that holds the cases, a lanyard, screen protector, click cover, a squeegee to help apply the screen protector and instructions.

DSCF7248 DSCF7257 DSCF7261

It’s a three pack of cases so obviously there are three of them, different colors, gray, light blue or Sky-blue and dark blue, the dark blue case looks almost black really. Each case has openings for the screen and click wheel, along with an opening on the back for a lanyard to be attached. All of the cases have the ArtWizz logo on the back of them.

DSCF7252 DSCF7254 DSCF7250


SeeJacket Silicone Clyde 3-Pack

A set of silicone skins in three cool colours to protect your iPod nano 4G

The material for the SeeJacket is made out of smooth, dirt- and stain-repellent silicone, providing complete protection for your iPod nano 4G.

This set includes something for everyone! Not only is the SeeJacket Silicone Clyde 3-Pack on special offer at €19,90, it also includes 3 Seejacket silicone protective covers in dark blue, sky-blue and grey. These come with a complimentary ScratchStopper (protective cover for the display) as well as a stylish lanyard! The ScratchStopper protective film prevents scratches and dirt gathering on the display screen. Likewise the lanyard is perfect for safely and comfortably wearing your iPod nano 4G around your neck. The iPod’s connection points are easily accessible and the silicone cover can be cleaned easily with water.

1 x SeeJacket Silicone Darkblue
1 x SeeJacket Silicone Sky-blue
1 x SeeJacket Silicone Grey
1 x ScratchStopper protective film for the display
1 x Protection film for Click-Wheel
1 x neckstrap for silicone case
1 x Instruction manual

The first thing to do is apply the click wheel cover and the screen protector, I didn’t have to apply the click wheel protector as I still had it on from when I applied it while using the SeeJack Crystal case, but it’s fairly easy to apply, you just need patience. Applying the screen protector is done like any other is, you just carefully line it up and stick it on over the screen. it took me a couple tries but I got it on my iPod. I did though find that after a couple days it was starting to peel off little, it’s not really sticky, it just sticks using static. The reason I think it was starting to come off though is that the protector is actually a bit bigger than the screen, and the screen is a tiny bit recessed on the iPod, for it leaves an air bubble that won’t go away, a little trimming should fix that though, but really you shouldn’t have to trim it. Once you get the protector on the iPod, it is clear and does not obscure the view of the screen.

DSCF7289 DSCF7292

Using the SeeJacket Silicone case is easy, you just need to slide your iPod up through the bottom and that’s it, you can use the lanyard if you wish, it just threads through the holes on the back of the case, the lanyard should be attached before you put the iPod in the case though, it makes things a bit easier.

DSCF7295 DSCF7298DSCF7297 

The top of the case has an opening for the lock switch, while the bottom is fully open for access to the ports and to get the iPod in the case.

DSCF7300 DSCF7301

Here’s my iPod in the gray and dark blue cases as well:

DSCF7305 DSCF7307 DSCF7310 DSCF7313

The cases are very thin actually, so they don’t add much bulk at all to the iPod which is nice, but of course being thin they won’t offer as much shock protection as something thicker would, like the PixelSkin case from Speck I reviewed a while ago,  but it will still protect the iPod from everyday scuffs and scrapes.

I mentioned I like silicone cases, or that I prefer them, but there is one thing I don’t like about them, it seems all silicone or rubber cases are magnets for dust and hair, it’s just one of those things that I guess can’t be helped, that’s the only real downside to using this type of case.

In the states ArtWizz products may be purchased through Harmonic Inversion Technology at

DSCF7242 DSCF7244DSCF7248DSCF7295

The ArtWizz SeeJacket Silicone Clyde 3-pack of cases for the iPod nano is a nice choice if you’re looking for silicone style cases to protect your iPod, not only do you get protection for your iPod but you get protection for the screen and click wheel along with three colors choices. Having three cases allows you to swap them for a different look, save them for later use or maybe even give them away to friends.

I did run into a small problem with the screen protector not quite fitting correctly, but since the iPod nano 4th comes with a scratch resistant screen it might not be that big of a deal, most people out there use their nano without a screen protector anyway.

The silicone of course does attract dust, lint and hair, but it’s no the fault of these cases, any and all of this style of case will do that, so it’s just something we’ve got to live with if we’re going to use silicone as the preferred case.


Includes protection for screen and click wheel
Includes lanyard
Seem well made
Three different colors in pack
Thin style, won’t add bulk to iPod

Silicone attracts dust and hair
Screen protector doesn’t seem to quite fit the screen

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-9-10

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