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There’s no doubt that netbooks are popular, they’ve become very popular in a short amount of time because they’re inexpensive and very portable. Even though they don’t cost too much, you’ll still want to protect your netbook as you would a regular, expensive, laptop. Any tech gadget is prone to being broken, or scratch, and we all have a desire to keep our things looking their best.

Today I’ve got a brief review for you, it’s the be.ez LArobe 8.9″ Netbook Case or pouch really. The LArobe is made from soft, shape-memory material that’s fairly thick so it should protect your netbook  from any bumps, nicks and scratches that it may encounter in your daily travels. It’s nicely made, with dual zippers for easy access.

The b.ez LArobe comes in a plastic zip style bag, not much special too look at really, but it works.

  DSCF0264 DSCF0266

There are a few colors available, for review I got what’s called Poivre, or really dark gray. It’s trimmed with a light gray, and had dual zippers for easy access toy your netbook, there’s a backward ‘e.’ in the corner, the logo for be.ez company.

DSCF0268 DSCF0269

The inside of the LAroboe is also a light gray in color, it’s soft felt-like material that won’t scratch your netbook. The sides are also fairly thick, offering quite a bit of protection.

  DSCF0270 DSCF0271


LArobe Netbook 8.9
Fits most 8.9” Netbooks

-Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) Technology
-Robe protection Thickness 5MM
-Trendy, Unique Design
-Inner Lip for maximum protection
-Stand alone or in your bag
-No more Scratches for your Netbook

Initially designed for the Apple notebooks, LArobe is made in a soft, shape-memory material, ideal to dress your notebook in an original fashion while protecting it from mobile life worries.
-Computers up to 255 x 170 x 30mm (10 x 6.9 x 1.2”)
-Aspire One, Dell Inspiron 910, Fujitsu Amilo MiniSize, HP 2133 MiniNote, Samsung N310, and many more…

Price: $19.99

The soft, shape-memory material is rather neat to play with, you can push down on it and leave indentations, after a minute or so they will slowly disappear.

DSCF0273 DSCF0274 DSCF0278 DSCF0282

You can use up to an 8.9″ netbook or mini notebooks with the LArobe, I tried it out with both my Alpha 400 Mips netbook and my Asus EEEPC 900A, the Alpha 400 is only a 7″ netbook, while the Asus EEEPC is an 8.9″ netbooks so it fits perfectly in the LArobe. One thing to note is that the inside of the case features a cloth lip that covers the zippers when closed so they won’t scratch your netbook.

 DSCF0286 DSCF0288 DSCF0293 DSCF0975 DSCF0941 DSCF0943 DSCF0940 DSCF0946

The be.ez LArobe is a nice choice, it seems as though it will offer a good deal of protection, and of course it can be used by itself or you can slide it in another bag. For a price of about $20, it’s well worth it to protect your netbook form the daily rigors of life.


The be.ez LArobe 8.9″ netbook case is a  great product really, it’s inexpensive and it will offer good protection for your netbook.

I think it’s $20 well spent to protect your netbook or mini-notebook during your daily travels.

10 recommended5

+Well made
+Good protection

-None Really

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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