CoverBee 8.9" Mini Laptop Sleeve for Netbook – Black Dahlia


Netbooks are very popular as we all know  and as with any tech product we like to keep them protected and looking new for as long as possible. At least I do anyway, I do know of people that don’t care too much and just toss their stuff wherever unprotected to get scratched and banged up, never understood that, why not protect something that you just spent a fair amount of money on?

Today for review I’ve got a sleeve from CoverBee that fits a mini laptop or netbook up to 8.9” in size. It’s a sleeve so it’s open ended, though the CoverBee does offer a soft quilted lining inside to protect your netbook very well from scratches and even from small bumps.

The CoverBee Mini Laptop Sleeve I received for review is black in color, a shiny black actually. There’s no markings on it except for a small tag that has the CoverBee logo on it with a bumblebee as well on the opposite side.

DSCF1771 DSCF1773 DSCF1775 DSCF1779 DSCF1780

Inside you’ll find a quilted lining that I’m sure will protect you’re netbook or mini-notebook from scratches, it’s very soft, and does offer a small amount of padding as well.

DSCF1776 DSCF1777


CoverBee 8.9" Mini Laptop Sleeve for Netbook – Black Dahlia

CoverBee’s laptop sleeves are stylish and protect your beloved mini-laptop from scratches.

Black Dahlia – "With the Black Dahlia you will leave everyone with their mouth wide open.. it’s simple, pure, and elegant."

– Super-soft materials protect your netbook from scratches
– Inner linings – Quilted gold

The dimensions of the 8,9" Netbook-Sleeves are: 26 cm * 21.5 cm (10.2 inches * 8.5 inches) <

These sleeves are compatible with most 8.9" Netbooks including but not limited to:
– Acer Aspire One – A110/A150
– Dell Mini 9
– Toshiba NB100
– Asus Eee PC – 900/901/904

Product Number: 20198
Manufacturer: CoverBee
External Dimensions (cm): 26 x 21.5
Fits Laptops/Netbooks up to: 8.9"
Style: Sock, Sleeve
Warranty: 12 Months

Price: $30.00 (approx) (£17.95)

Since it’s for small Netbooks I used it with my Asus Eee PC 900A which is of the 8.9” variety. To use it you just slide the netbook in and you’re down, not much to it. The quilted lining seems like it will offer decent protection against scratches and some from shock, but the point of the CoverBee is to protect against scratches and I think it does a good job.

DSCF1782 DSCF1785 DSCF1787 DSCF1789

Overall it’s a nice product, but I prefer my cases or covers to be closed, but that’s just a personal preference. The Black Dahlia version I got for review is more ‘manly’ than others, but all of them seem to be more geared towards females, this isn’t a bad thing of course since girls do own netbooks and they need stuff for them as well. I have to look at this objectively of course and as is it’s  a nice product for what it is, it’s a sleeve for your mini-notebook or netbook and that it does well.

They have other patterns and colors available as well like Zebra, Cow, Leopard, Polka Dots, Snow White, Brown Boa and Black Boa:

cov1 cov2 cov3 cov4 cov5 cov6 cov7

So, maybe I’ll give this one away soon to one of our readers….

DSCF1771 DSCF1776 DSCF1779 DSCF1789

The CoverBee Black Dahlia Sleeve is a nice choice to protect your netbook or mini-laptop from scratches, and it combines style with utility very well. 


+Seems well made
+Quilted, soft lining for protection from scratches
+Should offer decent protection


Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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