Cygnett GrooveAtomic – High performance earphones reviewed

Manufacturer: Cygnett

Product Name: GrooveAtomic – High performance earphones

Review Date: 09/30/08

Author: Kristofer Brozio


With all the types of portable devices out there today that use headphones we’ve got a plethora of choices when it comes to finding  decent set of headphones that won’t break our budgets. Today for review I’ve got a very inexpensive set of in ear headphones from Cygnett, called the GrooveAtomic. The first thing you’ll notice about these is the quality of them, they’re made very well, mostly metal in fact, and really considering the price they don’t sound too bad…

First up I’ve got a brief video unboxing for you, so check that out and read on…


GrooveAtomic – High performance earphones
Bring energy & power to every track on your playlist with these custom-formed, ultra-light, titanium earphones. Engineered with sound isolating technology and true bass response, you’ll be blown away by the sound these earphones deliver.

* Noise-isolating earphones
* for iPods or MP3 players
* Titanium pods
* Ergonomic design
* Powerful bass
* Dynamic sound
* Lightweight
* Protective Case
* 5 year manufactures warranty
* Product Code: Orange: CY-3-AO

Price: $14.99

First I have to say that for the price of these I was amazed by the actual quality of the product, I was not expecting them to look this good or be made this well. They’re actually fairly heavy in weight, and not only are the headphones metal but the separator piece and the 3.5mm connector jack is as well.

Something nice to see is that they come with an extra set of earbuds that I almost missed actually, as they were on the end of the inside of the case. The cord is nice and long as well so you’ll be able to have your ipod, mp3 player at a distance with no problems. One nice little feature as well is there is a spacer on the separated wires, it allows you to make the gap smaller is need be so they’re not hanging around needlessly.

The plastic tube is supposed to double as a carrying case but I for one wouldn’t be carrying around a rather large plastic tube with me wherever I go, if they wanted to include a case they should have included a real one…

span id=”body_text”>So, it doesn’t matter how well something like is made if it doesn’t sound good right? Well the GrooveAtomic headphones sound pretty good, especially if you consider their price point. Seriously though they’re not a bad sounding set of headphones, I used them with my MP3 player, and with my computer with the HeadPlay Unit as well, sound was decent really, but it seemed something was missing.

Highs were missing really, they sound sort of muffled, muffled is the only way to describe it, there’s just not a crisp sound coming from them.

My Mp3 player (S.Beat from SwissMemory) has two headphone jacks which makes it great for testing headphones for reviews, I can easily hook up my favorite pair (SteelSeries Siberia In-Ear Headset) and switch back and forth between them to hear the differences in the sounds. There was a difference but only slightly, bass response was good, but as I highs or crisp notes were a bit muffled.

As for noise isolation, they do an adequate job at blocking out sounds, but of course you can just crank the volume to truly block out all sounds…

They are comfortable to wear, they conform to the shape of your ear, you’ll notice when you take them out of your ears that the buds are sort of smashed, but they pop right back to shape in a second or so.


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For the price the GrooveAtomic Headphones are well worth it, these easily sound as good as something costing twice as much.

While they’re not perfect by no means in their sound reproductions, they do an adequate job really.

I’m personally particular about my headphones and their sound quality, I’ve gone through several brands to find the one that I like. A lot of people are not like me, my wife for instance can’t tell the difference between a pair of earbuds she got at the dollar store or my SteelSeries Siberias….

They’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and they do help to keep out background noise.


-Very inexpensive

-Well made

-Decent sound for the price



-Sound is sort of muffled

-Highs seem to be missing



Design: score-10-10

Performance: score-8-10

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