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FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-59-40-77

By now I’m sure most of you have heard that Far Cry 2 has nothing at all to do with the Far Cry we’ve come to know and love, to some that might be a good thing and to others it might not be. Far Cry 2 is a gritty,  set in the real world, adventure type first person shooter that has the hallmarks of an award winning game, the good things about this game are boundless, but it has one glaringly annoying downfall, that takes the game and just makes it not fun to play at times really: malaria. I’ve never had malaria, and I don’t want  it anytime soon, but this whole character having malaria thing is just downright annoying, and there are a few choice words that I don’t think I should type out here that I have for my feelings for this whole thing. I mean I can understand having some ailment, making the game somewhat more interesting or more lifelike, but malaria? why? You’re playing along, happily gunning down bad guys and everything goes a funky, pukey, green, you’ve got to stop and take your meds, then of course for 5 more minutes, what seems like an hour really, the screen goes from clear to blurry at regular but frequent intervals. It might not be so bad in the game, but me, myself, it actually bothered me physically, my eyes anyway and my head really, I sat and played for over three hours straight one night and went to bed with a headache. I found myself squinting at the screen when it was blurry trying to focus, it’s an automatic response so I couldn’t help but to do it, but it was like why did they do this?!? Ok, so that was my rant about FC2… really though it’s an awesome game that any FPS lover should grab!

Far Cry 2 is a visually stunning and action oriented masterpiece of a game that any gun loving geek will be thrilled to spend hours at a clip playing. The visuals and graphics are nothing short of amazing, you can easily just get lost driving around Africa looking at the sights and admiring the scenery, from the rocks, trees and water, to how the sun shines through those same trees. The wide open, free roaming nature of Far Cry 2 tends to allow the player a lot of freedom when it comes to how to play the game, most likely everyone will have a different experience with it. If you don’t have a mission you can just drive around and explore a bit, and maybe shoot a few people along the way, this style of gameplay leads to a game that could last forever really.

The fire in Far Cry 2 was one of it’s hyped features, it does look good, but it falls a bit short of realistic, quite a bit short really. There are some other small quirks with the game as well, but overall it’s a great game.

So continue on to check out a couple movies and a whole slew of screenshots, along with performance as well running on my Diamond Radeon HD 4870 1gig at 1680×1050 resolution..

First up we’ve got some box shots, it’s your standard game box with cardboard slip cover.
DSCF9046  DSCF9048 DSCF9051DSCF9054


Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2, the next-generation first-person shooter from Ubisoft, will take you deep into the most beautiful but also most hostile environments in the world: Africa! More than just a visual and technological achievement, Far Cry 2, the true sequel to the award-winning PC game, will provide you with an unprecedented gaming experience. Caught between two rival factions in war-torn Africa, you are sent to take out "The Jackal," a mysterious character who has rekindled the conflict between the warlords, jeopardizing thousands of lives. In order to fulfil your mission you will have to play the factions against each other, identify and exploit your their weaknesses, and neutralize their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and, of course, brute force.


The extensive artistic research combined with the next-gen engine will allow you to explore over 50Km2 of seamlessly rendered African landscape. No game has ever provided such freedom of movement!

The Dunia Engine was built specifically for Far Cry 2 by the award-winning Ubisoft Montréal development team. It delivers the most realistic destructible environments, amazing special effects such as dynamic fire propagation and storm effects, real-time night-and-day cycle, dynamic music system, non-scripted enemy A.I. and so much more…

Real-Time Immersion
Real-time story telling, systemic auto-healing, minimal in-game interface are just few of the features that will make you feel the tension of being alone against barbarous warlords that threaten thousands of innocent lives.

Weapons of Choice
Choose from a wide range of weapons to make your way to your primary target. Meet the fight head-on with your machine-gun, go berserk with your machete or make stealth kills as a Sniper. If you feel that the atmosphere is not warm enough, light up your flamethrower and let your enemies and everything around them feel the heat.

Fly, Drive, Run, slide and hover over the huge open world with your glider, trucks, cars, boats and much more.

Ok, one of the quirks in the game is the AI, it’s not that bright really, sure some of them will make an attempt to hide, or duck and cover, but most just run in a straight line firing at you. Speaking of those characters, the damage that they can live through sometimes is quite amazing, I’ve sniped guys dead center chest to have them just keep running along. Other times I’ve thought I killed a guy, shot him near point blank range, only to have him get up and shoot me in the back, I learned real quick to shoot everybody twice, even though I do find it fun to walk around with my pistol after a fire fight and put one or two of them out of their misery with a nice head shot.

A guy comes running up looking like Joe Cool with his shirt unbuttoned, bare chested and I fire my pistol at him square in the chest, you’d think he’d fall down, but no, pump 4 or 5 rounds into him and he finally falls down, I could see if the guy had armor on or something, but he’s like bare chested here. My guess is that everyone or character has the same amount of hit points no matter what they’re wearing or not wearing.

Another small quirk that kind of irks me is that you can’t kill the animals, I saw water buffalos, zebras, buzzards, and antelope (or whatever they are) running around, I figured why not have some fun and go hunting, but I shot them numerous times and they just keep running, some tough animals they are…

Gameplay is fine, though I did find I had to jack up the DPI on my mouse to make it a bit more responsive. The map feature is very cool, though the GPS in every vehicle is kind of useless as it’s so small it’s hard to tell what’s going on, I found myself driving around with the map out most of the time to figure out where I was going.

Gameplay can get repetitive at points though, and you’re going to be doing a whole lot of driving around, I think half of the time I played I spent driving from place to place. The missions can get repetitive, three times in a row I had to help the gunsmith take out his competition, and it was usually on the other side of the map, so I had to drive for 30 minutes just to get there, only to be run over by someone and start over again. Save your game often, there’s nothing fun about driving for 30 minutes only to get out of the vehicle, get run over, and have to start all over again…

Here’s a 3 minute in game video of gameplay and it ending with me getting run over by the truck I’m supposed to destroy to finish the mission

I mentioned the fire effects in the intro, they are nice, but they just look fake really, fire isn’t really clear as it is in the game, but it does look cool, and I like how you can burn things to defend yourself, toss a couple molotovs in a grassy field with your enemies and hear their screams of agony.. fun-fun!

FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-58-30-77 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-58-31-70 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-58-33-69 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-58-35-62 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-58-49-20

The lighting effects are very nice, the sun glistens off of the water realistically, and even the water looks very real, albeit a bit dirty.

FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-55-24 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-58-34 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-31-99 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-35-47 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-38-71 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-53-72

I like all of the vehicles in the game, and as we can see apparently Jeep did a bit of product placement as well. You can drive dune buggies, Jeeps, generic Jeeps, boats, and even hang gliders as well.

FarCry2 2008-11-17 07-52-02-04 FarCry2 2008-11-17 07-44-08-30 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-57-13-11 FarCry2 2008-11-05 21-41-21-62 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-56-48-05

I did run into a small glitch, plants growing in my Jeep! As far as I know I wasn’t transporting any Shrubbery…

FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-46-00-18 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-45-56-75 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-45-57-63

The details in FC2 are very nicely done, but I still can’t quite figure out why everything in newer games tends to be all shiny, like you have a beat up leather seat in your car, but it’s shiny like metal almost.. it’s not just FC2, it’s most any other game as well, you’re in a war torn battlefield, everything is grimy and dirty but yet it’s still all shiny. Oh well.

FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-52-36-06 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-52-38-44 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-52-44-39 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-52-47-66 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-52-55-73

For actual raw performance I used FRAPS to benchmark while I played, I tried both DX9 and DX10, and I played both for many hours overall. I ran FC2 at 1680×1050 resolution using my Diamond Radeon HD 4870 1gig video card, all of the settings were very high or high, and anti-aliasing was set to 2x, as any higher resulted in a performance hit at such a high resolution.

FarCry2 2008-11-17 07-28-54-86

Here’s the results in graph format:

fps graph

As you can see while running DX10 there is a slight performance hit, but not as much as I expected or have seen in other games. The average though is about one frame higher, but that could just be an anomaly. In DX10 is mostly playable, but the minimum FPS does drop below the magic 30 at times, so some adjustments need made to the settings to keep it above 30 at all times for fully smooth and playable gaming.

Finally here’s a longer gameplay video, it’s about 10 minutes long a little less than that, but I tried to cover quite a bit with it, like the interface, and fire and blowing things up:

Screen Shot Gallery:
FarCry2 2008-11-05 21-41-21-62 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-53-56-99 FarCry2 2008-11-05 20-57-13-11 FarCry2 2008-11-05 21-41-11-74 FarCry2 2008-11-05 21-41-20-79 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-45-53-84 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-45-56-04 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-48-39-70 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-48-42-86 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-48-48-61 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-56-48-05 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-56-49-37 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-56-52-27 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-59-47-82 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-23-36-11 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-23-01 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-23-66 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-24-64 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-26-44 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-31-29-17 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-59-34-52 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-59-40-77 FarCry2 2008-11-16 14-59-47-25 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-37-05-94 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-41-26-81 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-41-31-13 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-41-36-39 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-43-08-08 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-43-09-04 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-45-56-75 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-45-57-63 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-46-00-18 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-46-01-01 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-46-06-42 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-46-08-48 FarCry2 2008-11-16 15-54-03-68

Despite the few quirks in the game, Far Cry 2 is a great game really, it’s a lot of fun and it’s very aesthetically pleasing.

Though I think it’s one of those games that people will either love or hate, I don’t think there’s any middle ground with this game. I’ve paid attention to the forums about FC2 and it’s like 50/50 love to hate ratio, people either love it or hate it, I haven’t seen anyone saying that it was just ok, or mediocre.

Huge world 
Game can continue on almost endlessly
Nice graphics 
Don’t need to upgrade system to play

Malaria is annoying 
Can be repetitive  at times
AI is rather stupid 


  21 comments for “Far Cry 2 PC Review

  1. SAM
    November 19, 2008 at 10:22 am






    • Chuck
      March 7, 2014 at 3:42 am

      Why do you type in all caps man from the past?

  2. Andy
    November 19, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    Nice review thanks. The graphics do look good – but boy does that gameplay look boring: All that driving staring at the map and purchasing ‘reliability upgrades’ for your guns. Compare that to the excitement of 10minutes of Left4Dead. No contest.

  3. Bill the Cat
    November 19, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    FC2 is a good game, but not a great game. The Dunai graphics engine can do some pretty amazing stuff. As with Crysis, you will sometimes find yourself forgetting about goals and missions and just staring at the scenery. Also like Crysis, however, you will periodically get the feeling that you are traveling through an amazing battlefield designed for use in a multiplayer game and that you’re just borrowing it for the slapped together single player game. In a sense, there is no single player game; just a bunch of NPCs tossed on to this beautiful giant sandbox of a map.

    I’ve got one suggestion for potential FC2 players. Don’t rush. The people who like this game the least seem to be the ones that are impatient to get “things” done. They’re the ones complaining about all the driving and check points. Once you’ve collected enough diamonds to buy all the weapons you want, completing missions isn’t that big a deal and “getting there” really should be half the fun. When I played “Oblivion” I never owned a horse, traveling everywhere on foot. In FC2 I almost never drive, usually walking to missions instead. That’s the only way to appreciate the environment.

    FC2 is fun, but the single player game at least feels like just a demo for a first class game engine. Gameplay wise, it’s a just a shooting gallery. It could have been much much more.

  4. Sam
    November 19, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    The map on the lap thing…….. was a joke. I did it to a little bit. The map is big but I used the buses a lot. I also got out of the vehicles and walked for a while. You get to see things from a different perspective.

    I was disappointed that you couldn’t get over the hills. Your objective is “just on the other side” but you had to traverse too much sometimes. luckily a new car or truck wasn’t “80” miles away.

    I though Africa, land of big animals and danger but nothing jumped out of the bushes to try and eat you. No alligators either. I could however shoot the animals. I also ran a few over by accident. Kinda broke my heart, lol.

    I wonder why the camo suit wasn’t unlocked sooner in the game. I still don’t have it. Maybe it doesn’t exist….. along with some of the weapons. Not that more are needed. A sniper rifle, grenade launcher and the saw are all you need.

    Haven’t played left for dead so I can’t compare the two. I have however started to play COD W@W and the game sucks in comparison. No freedom of movement, the weapons are a joke, sound problems, if you use an nvidia card you are ok but a 4870 has texture glitches around the water edges. It also got a little rough in a couple of places. Pop in a gtx260 and no problems what so ever. Crysis made me “upgrade”, and it was an upgrade. Blah, blah, blah, I better shut up for a while………….

  5. Sam
    November 19, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Hate to add another post but forgot to ask………..

    The mapping tool is the easiest one I have ever tried to use. I made maps for EA Games Allied Assault and Spearhead and tried a couple of other sdk’s, and have even made a couple of small maps for FarCry2, but unfortunately I can’t find adequate tutorials on the tool and how to manipulate objects or to even remove them once they’re in the map. I would be looking for something that is printable with pictures if anybody knows where I might find them, thanks.

  6. Rifral
    December 4, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    When I play the game on my computer, I can actually shoot and kill the animals except will the dart rifle. Its also very fun to run them over and drag them along with your bumper LOL.

  7. Rifral
    December 4, 2008 at 11:56 pm

    Sam, just select the object and press your delete key. To select it click one of the options above the object viewing window.

  8. Mac
    December 5, 2008 at 12:01 am

    Hey Kristofer how did you get 999 diamond credits?

  9. musichyper
    December 10, 2008 at 7:36 pm

    I’ve been getting tired of game creators trying to come up with new ways for war type games to have appeal, but every time I begin to think my interest has dwindled, a premise like Far Cry 2 keeps my fire burning.

    I Hyped Far Cry 2 on Everhype and gave it 78% which I think is fairly accurate.


    I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions on it . If you get on there, rate me a 5 & request friendship.

  10. Vince D
    December 27, 2008 at 3:13 pm

    I think it’s a pretty decent game and the graphics are very nice but…is this thing giving anyone other than the reviewer and myself actual physical headaches/nausea? I’ve noticed that after about an hour, I have to turn it off or it really gets to me. Maybe I am just getting old.

  11. the army dwarf
    February 22, 2009 at 8:39 am

    nice review. i could enjoy the game to if i didnt have such a crappy computer. every time i try to play it tells me that my video drivers a to old and that i need to update them. i gonna take it back to the store and get the xbox 360 version instead.

  12. rcs7947
    September 6, 2009 at 3:04 am

    Can farcry 2 for pc be played on a stand alone computer or must it be played online only? I purchased battlefield 2142, got it home, loaded, and realized it had to be played online. I have very slow internet(I live out in the country) so the game is useless to me. So, can you play farcry 2 from the disk, or must you play it online? I can’t seem to get anyone to answer this so I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks

  13. Danial
    February 14, 2010 at 7:18 am

    I have seen review after review of this game with 2 chief complaints – the map on the lap while driving and the fact that you have to drive for a long time going from point A to point B.

    Several reviewers even admitted only playing 45 minutes or so before quitting the game because of this.

    Don’t people like to learn things about a game anymore as they go along? Does EVERYTHING have to be dropped in your laps?

    Map issue – drop the map, just follow the road signs! They’re color coded. If you are on a red mission, the road sign pointing you in the direction you need to go will be red. If you’re on a blue mission, the same thing. How tough is that? No map needed! (except on some rare occassions).

    Driving long distances – go to a frickin’ bus depot (there are 5 on every map) and you will find sign boards there where you can click and a bus will deliver you to the quadrant on the map you need to be at in order to complete your mission. Cuts driving time WAY down as the bus gets you there within a few seconds. (Although game time does continue on, ie, night can turn to day if you;re going a long ways.)

    I’m just amazed at all the reviews of this game with these two complaints over and over again. It’s obvious the people reviewing the game didn’t actually play it long enough to form an educated opinion. That’s like watching 10 minutes of a movie and then basing your review of it on that.

  14. Danial
    February 14, 2010 at 7:24 am

    @rcs7947 – yes, the game is playable on a PC. That’s what I use (don’t like consoles). I’m running a 1 gig video card, duo core, and 6 gigs of ram and pipe it into my 42 inch plasma…makes for GREAT playing.

  15. Goate
    July 3, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    Great graphics, horrible design.

    The intro of the game perfectly describes what you’ll be doing for most of the game; sitting in a car for about 5 minutes, getting into a 1 minute gunfight, and then collapsing from bullets or malaria. The difference being that you don’t get shot on sight in the intro. If you enjoy driving 5-15 minutes to your destination just to get your mission and then 5-15 more minutes to go to the mission area like some kind of bad GTA clone, then maybe you can tolerate this game. And that was with the buses; without the buses, you’ll probably be taking 15-30 minutes just to get to your destination. But then again, there’s people who can actually choose to walk to their destinations, so maybe Ubisoft was aiming for that demographic. Oh, and everyone’s trying to kill you. There’s these annoying jeeps that patrol the roads and will go out of their way to shoot you on sight as well as respawning guard checkpoints which are there to waste more of your time unless you go around, but that’s usually not an option. If you get killed while traveling to your destination, you have to go all the way back to your last save point. And you can only save inside save houses scattered across the world, unless you’re playing on the PC, which lets you save anywhere (Good decision they made there).

    There’s really not much of a point in creating an open-ended world and then putting mountains and trees everywhere to prevent you from going off the road most of the time and having 99% of the population shoot you on sight. Think of it as having a 6 star wanted level in GTA all the time and you can’t outrun the enemies. They gave you pretty much no choice at all in how to approach the story; think of Fallout 3’s original ending, and then apply it to the entire story. That’s about the amount of choice you’ll get. The game’s idea of “choosing how to complete the story” is “Have your buddy contact you on the cellphone just to tell you to take a 5-15 minute drive to a house somewhere just so he can tell you another way to complete your mission that has the exact same results on the story”. For some reason, your buddy can’t just tell you this over the phone. No, you have to go and drive all the way to his house so he can take 10 seconds to tell you how to complete the mission the alternate way. The story isn’t even good, and the missions are incredibly repetitive.

    The edge of the map is a desert, so you can usually go there for a shortcut if the mission location is located near the edge. Unfortunately, most mission locations aren’t placed conveniently, so you’re going to have to take a long drive through the narrow dirt road just to get to your destination. Driving an extra 5 minutes because there’s a mountain in your way isn’t fun. This game would have benefited from many more bus stops. Having 5 bus stops on a 50 by 50 mile map just isn’t enough. Traveling by river would work if the river was actually closer to your mission objectives and it didn’t take you 5 minutes to find a land vehicle after you get off of your boat.

    The actual combat isn’t bad, but it has a lot of annoying quirks. Your guns will deteriorate very fast (One of the guns deteriorates so fast that you can actually see it rusting with every shot) and end up jamming a lot unless you’re using an AK. Sniper rifles will easily get you through 99% of all your encounters, and are pretty much the only way to take out enemy snipers (Who are incredibly annoying because you need to find out where they are first). Stealth is pretty much de-functional in this game with the possible exception of the dart rifle, which has very limited ammunition. You can’t shoot while in a vehicle unless it’s a mounted machine gun, so if you’re driving one of those faster vehicles without a mounted machine gun and get attacked by a jeep, you have to get out of the vehicle and shoot them. Really annoying and usually causes you to take unnecessary damage. Enemies take a lot of hits to kill (Unless you’re using a sniper rifle or score a head shot), and automated weapons tend to be inaccurate even if you burst fire.

    I could probably nitpick on a lot of other stuff like realism, but they don’t really affect the fun factor.

    • Danial
      February 28, 2011 at 1:38 pm

      (yawn) Another reviewer who played the game for 30 minutes or less evidently.

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