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My laptop is cooler than your laptop. Sure, we both have 13” laptop computers. Sure, mine is pretty worn out, has paint fading and a chunk is missing here and there. But mine is no longer pure white, no longer blending into the crowd with every other identical laptop out there. Thanks to MusicSkins, my MacBook and I have style.

With the prevalence of electronics in our daily lives, the “skin” industry is becoming huge. So many people own the exact same gadgets that people look for ways to make their belongings unique. The hard plastic shell that 1.7 million other folks are carrying just doesn’t cut it with those who appreciate expressing their individuality. Every electronic contraption manufactured these days has skins available for it, and everyone has them. But not everyone has something as good as a MusicSkin.

MusicSkins, LLC is not your everyday skin company. It’s easy to find some piece of junk on the internet for $4 that calls itself a skin. You’ll buy it, wait for it to be air mailed to you from some tiny factory in South Korea, and what you’ll receive is a cheap tissue-thick piece of rubber that looks like it was cut from a mold by an inebriated silverback gorilla with two fingers and an ear infection. That or a cheap piece of plastic that snaps in half three days after you attach it to your device.

You won’t get any of that from MusicSkins. You’ll get an actual quality product made in good old America. I know, it’s amazing. Your laptop is about to get cooler.


MusicSkins literally offers thousands of designs for all sorts of hardware. They have tons of licensed products, which is another bonus over just about every one of their competitors. You can find original designs and unique things like the design I chose for this review, or you can find skins of your favorite bands, movies, brand names and more. It’s really astounding how much licensed material they have.

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The MusicSkin comes packaged on a single sheet in a plastic sleeve. Other than the skin itself, the only thing inside is a cardboard backing that describes the product and shows a sampling of the 739 bajillion other skins the company makes. This particular skin is from the Pin-Up Toons collection, called “Deliah.”

On the surface, the skin appears to be just a giant sticker. In reality, it is just a giant sticker. But it’s like the T-1000 Terminator of stickers, composed of an awesome material that allows you to stick, remove, re-stick, mold, position and change it as you apply it to your computer. Fancy. It is very durable, designed to be reusable, and seemingly impossible to tear. Therefore, it’ll probably give you at least a minimal amount of protection against scratches and dings.


Model: Pin-Up Toons – Deliah

MusicSkins are the premier music and music related device skins on the planet. Our skins are made from premium grade 3M vinyl and adhesive technology so they apply easily and remove without leaving any residue. We also use a high gloss over laminate, which adds durability and a photo quality finish to our skins.

Our durable skins are made of premium vinyl, which will defend your device from the harshest scratches. The special adhesive is completely removable and leaves no residue so you can easily switch your MusicSkins for the latest release. MusicSkins add almost zero bulk so your device will still integrate perfectly with almost any case, bag, dock, iTrip or armband.

MusicSkins LLC is the leader in music and music-related, high-quality, vinyl skin products. We envision all MP3 players, laptops, and phones as portable canvases for art and individuality. Our focus on music, art, culture and personalization has created a stylish way for musicians, DJs and artists to become closer to their fans while providing a low profile alternative to bulky cases. From Hip Hop to Country, Art to Fashion, and everything in between, there’s a MusicSkin to suit every taste.

No Scratches MusicSkins protect your precious device with a durable anti-scratch, anti-UV coating.
Easy On… Easy off 3M Adhesive technology prevents bubbles and allows easy application and clean removal.
Premium Materials MusicSkins are Made In The USA. Ultra Premium vinyl sets us apart from all other skin products.
No Bulk Ultra-low profile means flawless integration with all accessories including docks, iTrip, cases, bags, and armbands.


This product, while being tested on a white 13” MacBook, is suitable for any 13” Mac or PC laptop.

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When you remove the skin from its backing, you start to realize it is more than just a sticker. Constructed out of 3M Controltac Graphic Marking System (doesn’t that sound scientific?), the skin is solid and has a unique construction. As you can see from the photo, there is a cross pattern of grooves on the bottom of the skin, the shape of which is much like a sheet of graph paper. The intent here is to make the thing manageable once you stick it to the laptop, saving you from those “oh crap” situations where you accidentally lay it on your laptop at a 45 degree angle.

Chances are that you’re not going to place the skin perfectly your first try. It will take some positioning and movement, which is where the Controltac comes in handy. It ensures you can get the MusicSkin exactly where you want it. If the whole thing is off, it’ll peel right back up and you can start over. If you get an air bubble somewhere in the middle of the sticker, you can just rub that area and it will smooth out without you having to take the whole thing back off again. If your corners end up wrinkled, just press down and knead them towards the edge of the laptop. Vamoose, they’re gone. In the end you’ll wind up with a very smooth, very sharp looking graphic on your machine.

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Thus, you are able to apply the skin easily and get it exactly where you want it. As you can see, the surface area is slightly smaller than the top of the laptop, so positioning is important if you want it centered.

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The finished product is very nice looking, and totally personalizes your device.


When it’s time to remove the skin or switch to another one, peeling it off is as easy as peeling it from its original Controltac backing. The glue leaves absolutely no residue on your hardware, regardless of how long it’s been there. If you save the original backing that it came from, you can stick it back on there for safekeeping.

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As far as sticker-style electronics skins go, MusicSkins are the best I’ve ever used. They do everything you would want them to do, and their design selection is first-rate. It’s obviously not going to provide your laptop much protection, but it may guard against a scratch or two. MusicSkins definitely beat a huge plastic shell hugging your laptop, or a cheap sticker that leaves glue behind and doesn’t apply smoothly.

The skin doesn’t add any girth to your machine, so your storage habits won’t have to change. Simply put, the MusicSkin just gives your laptop personality without being obtrusive. It is well-constructed and made to last, which is something really lacking in 95% of all electronic skins and cases out there. Being that MusicSkins cost a good bit more than a lot of the cheap junk available on the market, they should live up to their price and be a lasting item. Fortunately, they do. Quit using that piece of garbage rubber scrap you purchased on eBay for $3 and get something that will reflect who you are and stand the tests of time and abuse.


+Very manageable design allows for a nice, even, smooth application
+A ridiculous amount of choices in the MusicSkins catalog.
+Licensed band, product and other entertainment items.
+Reusable, clean and well constructed.
+Just plain fun.


Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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