Pantech C610 Reviewed

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Last Friday I took a look at the Pantech Matrix, this week I’ve got another Pantech phone, the C610 . The C610 is a flip style phone with quite a few features that most people will like, it’s got Bluetooth stereo, still and video camera, video sharing, to name a few of the features.

The C610 seems to be a well made phone, it’s fairly easy to use, lightweight and overall not a bad phone, but there’s one small problem, or actually a big problem, call quality is not that good. It’s  a phone right? So you’d expect the actual call quality to be good, but everyone I talked to on the phone remarked that I sounded funny, and like I was in a tunnel, on my end calls did sound sort of muffled. I know it’s not my network as I’ve never had a problem with AT&T and any other phone.

So mostly everything about the Pantech C610 is exceptional, except for its main feature, phone calls…

First up I’ve got the video unboxing for you, check that out then continue on for the rest of the review:


Pantech C610
Live like a celebrity with the C610 from Pantech. The C610 is your very own personal assistant, with 3G speed and a sleek flip-phone design. It packs all the best features to keep you on the go. Snap photos with a 1.3M camera, listen to new artists on the music player, find hot spots with GPS, and keep in touch with friends by text, multimedia, and instant messaging. The Pantech C610: Small phone, big features.
The C610 features:
AT&T Mobile Music(SM)
AT&T Navigator
Video and Camera Capabilities
MEdiaTM Net
Bluetooth Stereo
Video Share

– Frequency GPRS/ED GE Quad-Band
– UMTS/HSDPA Dual-Band
– Dimensions 3.67" (H) x 1.81" (W) x 0.72" (D)
– Weight 3.25 oz.(with standard battery)
– Capacity Up to 950 mAh
– Battery Type Standard Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
– Talk Time Up to 3 Hours*
– Standby Time Up to 10 Days*
* Certain features may use more power and cause actual standby and talk time to vary.
AT&T wireless service required. 3G service is not available in all areas.

The interface is the same as that of the Pantech Matrix I reviewed last week, so instead of doing another video of the same thing, you can just stop over HERE at our Viddler account  and see the matrix demo video if you wish. Since it’s the same, I’ve got the same complaints here as well, lots of AT&T bloat on there trying to make you buy something at every menu, and the camera making you save after every picture instead of just auto saving and taking another picture.

I hooked up my Jawbone2 BT headset with the C610 and had no problems at all with it, it connected and re-connected easily and quickly.

I got the rated battery life while using my Bluetooth headset, so if you’re not using a headset you might get a little longer than the rated 3 hours talk time. I didn’t test the Standby Time rating as I was using the phone and didn’t let it sit for ten days doing nothing, but during the week I used the C610 I only charged it once after the initial charge so battery life seems to be good.

Overall the phone is well made, it feels sturdy, and yet lightweight. I like the keypad a lot, I personally like the look and feel of the flat buttons.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the call quality is not that great. On my end the calls sounded a bit muffled, and I was told it sounded as if I was in a tunnel, and that was to land lines and other cellphones and carriers, everyone told me the same thing. Of course it could be that I got a bad phone for review as well, but that’s my experiences with it…

Here’s some sample pictures I took with the C610:
Photo10232048 Photo10261204 Photo10261205 Photo10261205_1 Photo10261205_2 Photo10261205_3 Photo10261205_4 Photo10261206

The still pictures are actually decent if you’ve got enough light, and even with low light they’re pretty good. All of those above were taken indoors with regular lighting, and they’re not too bad…

And here’s a sample video using the built-in video camera of the C610:

As you can see the video is pretty bad, but where the Matrix had a limit of 15seconds of video, the C610 does not, then again if the video isn’t that good who would want to record a lot with it?!

Image Gallery:

DSCF7836 DSCF7838 DSCF7839 DSCF7840 DSCF7841 DSCF7843 DSCF7844 DSCF7845 DSCF7846 DSCF7848 DSCF7857 DSCF7860 DSCF7861 DSCF7862 DSCF7866

The Pantech C610 is a very nice phone overall if you’re not to concerned about call quality. Seriously it’s not that bad, just sounds a bit muffled, it’s not like calls were dropped or anything, just the sound quality isn’t the greatest. The C610 though is supposed to be a basic phone, and it is, it does what it needs to do. 

Well made
Decent pictures
Good battery life
Small and lightweight

Poor call quality
AT&T bloat junk everywhere you look
Bad video quality


  3 comments for “Pantech C610 Reviewed

  1. k
    November 12, 2008 at 10:40 pm

    What is your favorite phone? have you tested the palm centro? did you like the palm centro? i h8 the palm centro and i want the pantech matrix! i loved my pantech duo!


  2. Kristofer
    November 13, 2008 at 1:41 am

    I prefer my ATT Tilt.. but I really like the Epix too… and the Matrix is cool as well… but for number one it’s my Tilt

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