Review of Compro TN600W Plug-n-Play PTZ Cloud Network Camera



The Compro TN600W is great camera overall, is it perfect, no it’s not, but it’s close as it’s very simple to setup and it’s a got a plethora of excellent features that anyone should appreciate.

Setting up the TN600W for mobile use couldn’t be simpler really, install the camera, install an app, scan a QR code and really that’s it, you’re up and running with the ability to monitor from your mobile device with the capabilities of panning an tilting and two-way audio communications. For someone who wants a camera with a lot of features but not a lot of hassle while setting it up, then this is the camera you want.

On the other hand, the TN600W does offer more advanced features for those who want to or can utilize them. This is a camera for everyone, those with little to no technical knowledge or those who have experience setting them up and using them.

Compro does include a very nicely done and comprehensive security surveillance software package that will allow you to even add more cameras. This is something you could use just for home use or for business use. The software is fairly simple to use and get setup, but it does have more advanced features for full control over the cameras and how they work.

One of the major features of the TN600W is the pan and tilt and this changes the game really. Most cameras are just set at a fixed position but the TN600W let’s you really see what’s going on all around the room by remotely moving the camera for that better view.

The two way audio feature is just an excellent option to have whether you’re just checking up on things at home or whether you’re telling a burglar to get out of your house! Yes the speaker could be louder but Compro does give you the option of adding an external speaker.

Another great feature is the twelve built-in infrared LEDs as they can take a room from night to day really, they really do brighten up the entire room so it could be dark out but the camera will still let you see what’s going on.

Yes, the TN600W is a great camera overall in my opinion, but it’s not perfect.

It would be nice if the resolution was higher as 640×480 is the maximum it offers and the colors can be a bit off at times. Could the resolution be better, yes it could, but you have to remember this is camera that has the primary function of being used for mobile viewing. I don’t know about your cellphone plan but most out there are limited and I think if you’re streaming high definition videos you’re going to run out of data usage, so in this situation the lower resolution is better. The lower resolution still does show you everything that’s going on, so the resolution is fine for this particular use.

The camera only has digital zoom which make fur blurry pictures honestly, some optical zoom would have been appreciated.

Sadly you can only access the camera via Internet Explorer for browser based access and that doesn’t exactly work every time.

The TN600W is big and heavy honestly and you’ll need a very good mounting solution, yes Compro included the hardware necessary for secure mounting but you are limited to how it can be mounted. If you’re not mechanically inclined I would highly suggest you find someone who is good with tools to mount the camera for you as you don’t want it to fall from the ceiling.

The TN600W is one of those products where the Pros very much outweigh the Cons. Yes it’s not perfect, but it’s a camera that I think most people would be very happy with as it does a lot of things right.

If you’re looking for something extremely simple to setup so you can monitor your home through your mobile device, then this the camera you want. I’ve seen other cameras and I have other cameras thought cost about the same but don’t have the features of the TN600W and are nowhere near as easy to setup as the TN600W is.  Again I can’t stress just how simple it was to setup mobile viewing with the TN600W, anyone could do it in a matter of minutes and that is truly one of the greatest features about the camera, the ease of use.



+Simple setup without PC
+Android and iOS compatible
+Bright LEDs to light up the dark
+Includes full security system software
+Two-way communication through camera
+Pan and tilt
+Motion and audio detection
+Dropbox enabled
+MicroSD slot of storage
+Wired or wireless setup

-Low resolution
-Colors are a bit off at times
-Speakers not loud
-Digital zoom only
-Internet explorer compatible only
-Limited mounting options

Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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