Review of Earjax Lyrics Earbuds

A good set of earbuds can do wonders for your music and multi-media listening experience. Most people settle for the stock earbuds that come with their products, and I have to wonder while as they usually aren’t that good really. So you need a new set, and while you’re buying them why not help someone out in the process. Today for review I’ve got the Earjax Lyrics earbuds, and with each purchase of Earjax products a portion of the proceeds goes to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, so not only are you getting a decent set of earbuds but you’re doing some good for someone in need. The Lyrics are decent, they come with quite a bit including carrying case, extension cable, and several types and sizes of silicone earbuds to fit your ears for the best fit and comfort for you.

Let’s start off with a video unboxing of these:

They come is a little box with not much information on it, except for the back about the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

lyric1 lyric2

Inside the little box though you’ll find a lot of stuff including a nice carrying case, carabineer, clip, many sizes of earbuds, some documentation and the earbuds themselves along with an extension.

lyric3 lyric4

The case is very nice, you can use the carabineer with it. Inside the case you’ll find a small pocket and a plastic piece to help store the earbuds.

lyric5 lyric6 lyric7

You’ll find many types and sizes of silicone earbuds or covers and even a set of form fitting foam buds as well.

lyric8 lyric9

The Lyrics themselves have an interesting cable, about 1/3 of it is clear covered twisted cable and the rest is nylon sleeved. There is a divider at the end of the clear covered section and a slider to adjust the width between them, or the tightness.


The earbuds are rather large, and bulbous shaped and black in color. There’s an Earjax logo on the fronts of each and an L or R to indicate right and left.

>lyric11 lyric12

Here’s a view without the cover on:




The next best thing to a custom fit. There has never been a personal listening device with more clarity and sound precision. Emphasis on bass elements will blow you away. The comfort and unique fit will impress you. With the custom styling and softened rubberized ABS housing, you’ll forget your Lyrics are even in your ears. Every person who has listened to or felt Lyrics, falls in love. Love is good.
– Live Passionately.

Design: earbud, in-ear
Speaker Type: high definition mini speaker
Speaker Diameter: 13mm
Frequency Response: 15 Hz. – 25k Hz
Power Handling: 3 mW
Magnet Type: neodymium
Sensitivity: 105 dB 1mW
Impedance: 24 ohm
Cable Length: 49 inches
Cable Type: woven cloth braid
Plug Type: gold-plated mini plug

Included Accessories:
-36″ extension cable, black
-zippered hard case, black
-convenient cable wrap
-multi-tip fit kit – S,M,L, standard, black, S,M, L, transparent tips, S,M, three-tiered tips, 1 pr. black expanding foam tip
-bonus earjax decals

>Price: $119.95

Here’s how the case and cable wrap work:

lyric14 lyric15

The case is very nicely made,  it’s soft but yet stiff, and should offer good protection for the earbuds inside. The plastic insert really helps to keep them untangled and the pocket is good for an extra set of silicone buds if need be or whatever else you might want to put in there I guess.

I grabbed a couple other pairs of earbuds I have, the Future Sonics Atrio M5, and the Ultimate Ears Super.FI 5 set as well.

Here they are, the Atrios, the Ultimate Ears and the Lyrics:


I used them with my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and my Zune HD:


I listen to all different kinds of music, pretty much most anything except pop and like gangster rap and other rap. I’m mostly a metal, hard rock kind of guy, but I like some southern rock and even classical thrown in the mix too, so I’ve got a very wide selection of things to pick from.

The Atrio M5s are my favorite of course, and the Ultimate Ears are decent.

To test these of course I listened to music, several different kinds and the first thing I noticed is the lower volume of the Lyrics when compared to the others. The Ultimate Ears seem to be the loudest wit the M5s coming in second and then the Lyrics. That’s not a bad thing really, unless you like your music really loud.

The second thing I noticed was there is a very distinct lack of treble or highs when it comes to the Lyrics, at least when compared to the the other two sets. There is treble there, but just not a lot of it, at least I prefer to have more than these provide. There is a good deal of bass though, and they have a very full sound to them overall.

The cables on the Lyrics seem to long enough for my uses, but they did include an extension cable if you need the cord to be longer. The cables are also nice and tough, and they seem to be tangle free as they are soft and flexible but yet stiff.

The several different styles of earbuds are nice to have and once I found the right size I found they were very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They stay is your ears very well once you insert them.

They don’t exactly keep all of the noise out but they do a decent job at keeping most of it out, just turn up the volume a bit and you’ll be fine.

In terms of cost, the Atrios run for about $199, while the Super.Fi 5s sell for about $99 now (normally $169) while the Lyrics sell for $119 and I think that’s a very good price point for them.

lyric1 lyric3 lyric10 lyric12

Overall I like the Lyrics, they sound good and they are very comfortable for long periods of time. They’ve included a very nice selection of sizes and styles of buds to use so any user can find a fit or style that works for them. The included carrying case and extensions cord do add value to this bundle as well.

Not only do you get a decent set of earbuds with the Lyrics but you’ll also be helping the Starkey Hearing Foundation with your purchase, or any purchase of Earjax products.


+Very full sounding
+Decent bass
+Many size and styles of buds included
+Included carrying case and extension
+Decent price for the quality and what you get
+Very comfortable

-Distinct lack of treble
-Lower volume than others tested

Overall score-9-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-9-10

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