Review of Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Func is a very well known company when it comes to gaming, I know they make some great mice and mousepads but they’ve just introduced a keyboard. For review today I have the Func KB-460 mechanical gaming keyboard which features Cherry MX red switches and red LED backlighting and the ability to program or should I say re-program the keys on the keyboard with preset commands or custom macros. For me mechanical keyboards are the best, once you use one you won’t go back to the membrane style surely, but they do come at a cost and there are many to choose from in terms of switch types. The Cherry MX Reds of the KB-460 are excellent, at least for me they are, I prefer reds over the other types, I like the blues or reds really as they are clicky and have a more tactile feel to them. The KB-460 also features red LEDs beneath every single key so they’re all lit up and you can choose from four levels of brightness. Read on…




The Func KB-460 comes in a what one might consider a plain box, it’s mostly white with a picture of part of the keyboard on the front and then a full labeled picture on the back. Packaging looks good to me, it’s what’s inside that counts right?!

func1 func2


When you open the box you’re greeted with the user guide and a plastic bag with the wrist rest clamps in it and you’ll see there’s plenty of packing material in the box to protect the keyboard during shipping.



Once you get everything unpacked you’ll see the KB-460 wrapped in plastic along with the wrist rest wrapped in thin stryofoam, the bag with the rest clamps and the user guide.



So here’s the keyboard KB-460. It’s mostly black with what looks to be white markings on the keys, but it’s not which you’ll see later in the review. The KB-460 has the standard QWERTY layout with function keys across the top and a full number pad for easy input along with cursor keys and the common but not often used six key block with Insert, Home, Page up and Down, Delete and End and above that of course is the Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause/Break keys.



The top right corner above the number pad you’ll see the Func logo and under that are LED indicator for Num Lock, Caps Lock and Func mode. Yes normally you’d see the Scroll Lock LED there, but who really uses that anymore anyway? I know I won’t miss it. In this picture you can also see the soft-touch or satin finish of the keyboard housing, glossy is nice looking but it picks up dirt and fingerprints like a magnet, I very much prefer the satin finish of the KB-460. This finish though can show off dust as it accumulates, it just take a bit long than glossy to really see it.



Here is the number pad and it looks fairly regular except for the 8 and 2 keys which have brightness indicators on them, these are used for the LED backlighting.



On most keyboards these days you’ll find a Windows key on both sides but on the KB-460, on the right side it is replaced with a Fn or Function key which is used for the special functions of this particular keyboard.



There is a single Windows key on the left side of the keyboard for you though if you really want to use it.



The Function keys are also multi-media and for the profiles. F1 to F4 are for Mute, Volume down and up and for Play/Pause.



Function keys F5 and F6 are for back and forward while F7 and F8 are for Profiles 1 and 2 of the keyboard.



F9, F10 and F11 keys are profiles 3,4,5 and the F12 key is to enable or disable Func mode. Func mode activates any keys you may have reassigned via the software and it disables the Windows key along with activating full N-key roll over anti-ghosting for gaming. Func mode is sort of basically gaming mode, at least that’s how I think of it. I use it often or actually all the time as I have the Caps Lock key disabled as I hate it, I always seem to hit it accidentally and thankfully Fun let’s you disable keys as you want to. On mechanical keyboard I use most often I actually super glued the Caps Lock key so it wouldn’t work anymore at all.



Here’s just some other random pictures of the keyboard for you, I took them so I figured why waste them right?!

func21 func19

func25 func27


The cable is nice and long at 1.8 meters or about 71 inches long and for some reason I really like it, I just like the black and orange coloration of it. The cable really stands out, if your computer is anything like mine then there’s a lot of connections on the back and they all pretty much look the same, this orange and black cable stand out and makes it easy to identify. It’s a thick but flexible braided cable that ends with a gold plated USB connector.

func9 func10


Here’s a side view of the KB-460, it’s only 33mm or about 1.3 inches high so it’s a fairly thin keyboard.



On the top right edge or back of the KB-460 you’ll find two USB 2.0 ports which Func calls ‘connect-through ports’ that you can use whatever really as they’re USB ports. I guess they would work well with a set of USB gaming headphones so that way you don’t have to go searching around for the USB ports on your computer as Func put two in easy reach for you.



On the bottom you’ll find the identification label and feet.



On the back edge are two collapsible feet that can bring the back of the keyboard up at an angle if you prefer that style of typing, which I do. The feet do have rubber non-slip tip on them.

func12 func13


On the front edge are two long rubber non-slip grip style feet to help keep the keyboard in place and not slide around while you’re using it.



The last thing I want to cover here is the wrist rest. Func includes two clamps I guess you would call them that attach to the wrist rest and to the KB-460. They just clip onto the rest and that’s it.

func5 func6


The part that goes into the keyboard base though is snapped in with the two round tabs into the holes. The round tabs allow the wrist rest to sort of float, there is room for the rest to move up and down slightly.



The easiest thing to do is attach the clips to the keyboard first and then attach the rest to them.



Then here’s what it looks like with everything assembled, yes it does make the keyboard larger. Personally I don’t care for wrist rests myself but some people like them, so it’s nice to have choices.