Review of Genius EasyPen F610E Slim Pen Tablet





The Genius EasyPen F610E graphics tablet can handle most any task like sketching, painting, signing documents or just playing around really.

The tablet itself is very well made, it’s thin and lightweight and easy to setup and get started with. The F610E has a USB interface and it will work with either PC or Mac and it does have a nice long cord for a bit of freedom to move it around and place it where it’s most comfortable for you.

The tablet has spaces for eight macros that can be programmed for virtually anything you need them to do. The macros can be shortcuts to open programs or functions like undo, copy or paste or anything that you might think is useful.

The F610E is very sensitive with a resolution of 4000 LPI and the pen features 2048 pressure levels, so when you combine the two you’ve got a very decent graphics tablet that can be used for most anything you need from just basic tasks like signing a document to intricate drawings. I did notice the tablet can be a bit oversensitive though, or what I call ‘twitchy’, but this can be overcome with regular use and practice with the tablet.

Genius bundled plenty of software to use with the F610E tablet and Windows even has some built-in. Power Presenter II, Free Notes and Office Ink all can be useful but the main software is Corel Painter Essentials 4 that is really a fully featured art or graphics program with plenty of options.

The pen is very comfortable to use, it fits in your hand very well, at least in my hand it does, your experience of course might be different. The pen utilizes a AAA battery for power which should last for along time, and such a small battery does not add much weight to the pen at all. The pen features two buttons that have multiple uses, but the two main ones are to replicate the mouse right and left click functions.

All in all I like the Genius F610E Slim Pen Tablet and for the price I think it’s well worth it.

One small complaint would be the lack of a case, it would be nice to have somewhere clean and safe to store the tablet and pen when you’re not using it.




9 recommended5





+Well made tablet
+Useful bundled software
+Comfortable pen
+Thin and lightweight tablet
+Works with both Mac and PC

-Can be twitchy at times
-No case included


Grades: 9 out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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