Review of Id America The new Spark Aluminum In-ear Headphones

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If you take into account the price of the new Spark headphones then I would have to say that they sound very good for the price. There is noticeable and decent bass, and the highs are there for you to distinguish from the rest of the music. On the other hand the new Spark do sound slightly muffled to me, but it’s just ever so slightly that I’m not even sure the average person would even notice it. I think these would a great improvement over a stock set of headphones that might come with your phone or media player.

The carrying case is very nice, it’s stiff and should do a great job of protecting the headphones while they’re inside for transport.

The cord isn’t exactly what I would call tangle free, it’s rubber and it tends to stick to itself I found out making it difficult at times to get the wires untangled.

The remote and microphone is on the left side, I’m right handed so I prefer it be on that side. The placement isn’t exactly a bad thing, it’s just a personal preference and something to keep in mind.

The new Spark headphones themselves are very well made made of aluminum making them durable for sure and I just love the design of them. Aesthetically the new Spark headphones just look great.

The new Spark headphones are very comfortable to wear for long periods of time thanks to the soft silicone covers and they will stay in your ears very well.

Android usage with the controls is not quite perfect. The basic functions work like answering and ending calls and play and pause of the music but the advanced functions can cause some unwanted things to happen.









+Sound is decent overall
+Very nice carrying case
+Comfortable for long periods of time
+Very well made headphones

-Controls don’t quite work fully with Android
-Slightly muffled sounding to me
-Can be a lot of cord noise with movement

Design / Aestheticscore-9-10
Value / Pricescore-9-10
Performance / Usagescore-7-10

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