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iPin Laser Presenter

iPin is the final brick of transforming your iPhone into a professional laser wireless presenter. It is delicately engineered to be small, and so small that it fits just right inside the headphone minijack. With downloadable iPin app support, it allows you to control presentation slides straight from your phone. No more fumbling for new batteries or misplaced laser pointer. iPin is ready to use anytime, anywhere. iPin – makes your phone shines brighter than ever!

It’s Small. Incredibly small.
Your iPhone is quite enough to perform everything a professional wireless presenter can do, but it is missing just that one little thing: a laser beam. iPin delivers the full package! iPin laser is made so small that it fits perfectly inside the 3.5mm headphone minijack of your iPhone. Just plug it in, and your iPhone is immediately equipped with a high brightness 635nm laser beam!

Stays plugged in even for incoming/outgoing calls.
Not only a simple plug-in, iPin can stay inside the headphone minijack without affecting phone functions. With an innovative ON/OFF design, by simply turning the iPin 90 degrees, you can answer incoming calls without removing your iPin. No need to carry an extra device. iPin – lightens your weight.

Wireless connection and intuitive interface.
Handy control of presentations from a distance away WiFi or Bluetooth. With iPin and iPin app, you’re no longer tied to your computer to flip slides. iPin gives you the luxury and freedom to walk and talk. Just be yourself!
*Bluetooth is only recommended for MacBook users.

No more fumbling for batteries.
Ever had trouble finding a laser pointer just when you needed it? And even if you found it in time, the laser pointer was most likely out of power. Using iPin laser, its power consumption is as low as playing a song*. Just as long as your phone is charged, you’re ready to shine, looking chill and professional.
*Note: Power consumption is higher with activated WiFi/Bluetooth connection

The world’s first ever laser inside 3.5mm headphone jack.
-An innovative use of headphone minijack. iPin delivers a superior quality laser beam despite its tiny size. Made with delicate engineering and leading-edge design.
-635nm laser light, brighter yet safer.
-Hybrid plug tip; for enabling or disabling the iPin while it’s plug-in.

ASIC chip embedded mini laser
Stabilizing laser light in dynamic working environment is a challenge, especially when stored in a tiny space lacking heat dissipater. A common way of dissipating heat is to connect laser to a bulky circuit. In our iPin, there’s no such luxury of circuit space; therefore, we incorporate the ASIC embedded mini laser to overcome potential temperature problem. The mini laser smartly stabilizes light power by itself and is more compact than those used in an ultra slim DVD drive.

635nm laser light, brighter and safer.
Experience the amber red laser at 635nm wavelength. Human eyes are more sensitive to 635nm than the common 655nm wavelength used by typical laser pointers. iPin is equipped with high efficient 635nm laser that shines the brightest laser dot without aggravating eye safety concerns* or power consumption.
* iPin is a Class 2 type laser product.

Hybrid pin design. Turn it 90 degrees, handy all-year round.
iPin is created to be handy all the time. The smartly engineered hybrid pin is designed to allow calls to be answered or dialed out without unplugging the iPin. Simply turn your iPin 90 degrees to switch ON/OFF and talk as usual.

Headphone clip.
When using a headphone, safely store your iPin in the headphone clip provided. No worry about losing your iPin. It is right there when you need it. Sweet design for your convenience.

Easy to use iPin app.
WiFI conenction
Simply connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC using WiFi. Take full control of your presentation in just seconds.

Intuitive gesture control.
Forget about looking down and finding buttons. Audience is whom you should put your eyes on. iPin app reads your intuitive finger movement to flip pages and shine laser beam. Countdown alarm helps to keep your presentation right in time limit while the auto-dimming backlight helps to save power consumption under presentation mode.

One more thing: mouse control!
Drag up trackpad to control mouse curser during presentation. It slides and clicks just like a normal mouse. It’s fun; it’s cool. Come discover it.


Size and appearance:
Plug color: Red / Blue
Cover style: Standard type

Height: 16.1mm
Width: 7.6mm
Depth: 6.0mm
Plug: 3.5mm
Cap thickness: 1.8mm

Laser output:
Wavelength: 635 nm
Optical Power: < 1 mW (Class II)*
*Operated under “ iPin App” on specified iPhone

On/Off switch for laser emission:
On: When cap indicator is perpendicular to phone’s rim
Off: When cap indicator is parallel to phone’s rim

System Requirements:
Mobile Device: For iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5/5C/5S, iPod touch 4/5, with iOS 5/6/7
Computer: Mac OS X10.6 to 10.9; Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

MSRP Price: $49.99
Price: $49.25 (from Amazon at time of review)



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