Review of iStarUSA BPN-DE110SS-WB Trayless Hot-Swap Cage with Wood Look Bezel




The iStar BPN-DE110SS-WB is one of those things I can’t live without. I personally have had a hot-swap dock of one brand or another in my computer for several years now as they are just extremely useful and valuable.

This one from iStar is very simple to install and use, it’s trayless so you just slip the drive in and you’re ready to go.

The housing is made from aluminum so it will help keep the drive inside cool, but there is the option to add a 40mm fan for further cooling ability.

Overall the entire unit is well made and sturdy.

The wood trim looks great but it’s not something that everyone will care for. iStar does offer other options besides wood trim so you’ve got choices.

The is under $25 and I think it’s well worth it.

I can easily recommend the iStar BPN-DE110SS-WB trayless hot-swap dock, especially if you frequently transfer data to and from other hard drives.


score-9-10 Recommended


+Dock does not affect speeds of drives
+Simple installation
+Simple to use
+Well made
+Looks great

-Fan is optional
-Drives can get very hot to the touch

Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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