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How many times has your smart phone or iPod/mp3 player gone flying in the gym because of one’s wired headphones? I can’t tell you how many times I sent my iPhone flying off an elliptical because of a headphone cable. This is where in ear Bluetooth headphones come and save the day.

With Bluetooth the only cable that needs to be dealt with is the one going from the left earpiece to the right one.

Jabra, one of the leaders in Bluetooth audio have released the latest in their Jabra Sport line – the Jabra Sport Coach, a sweat, shock, and weatherproof headset that incorporates a free audio coaching app. In addition it has an integrated TrackFit motion sensor that measure distance, pace, steps, cadence and calories burned.

Training options include cross training, indoor and interval workouts. For an even better sounding audio Jabra includes the Jabra Sound app that provides Dolby Sound Enhancement.


The Jabra Sport Coach comes packaged in a cardboard box within an image of a male athlete wearing the Bluetooth headset. On the back of the box is a list of contents, app compatibility, and some of its features. The sides of the packaging include a diagram of the EarWings and Earbud tip sizes.

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The front cover folds out to reveal the earpieces with an additional listing of features along with an image of a female athlete using them in action.

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Opening the package reveals the Jabra Sport Coach along with carry case, eargel pack containing Earbuds and EarWings. rubber USB charge cable, two Fitclips, instruction booklet and warranty card.

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Jabra offers the Coach in three color options – red, blue and yellow. For our review we received the red version.

The headset weights 0.56 oz. (16 g) and the cord measures 58 cm from earpiece to earpiece. It is primarily colored light gray along the main cord with a dark gray at the earpieces. The Earbuds and Earwings provide the coloring of the headset.

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On the right earpiece of the Jabra Coach we find the USB charging port, an indicator light along with an EarWing and Eargel. Below this section is the inline controller which houses the volume up/down buttons, a multifunction button and the microphone. On the left earpiece are the TrackFit Motion Sensor and the Sports button.

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Additional accessories include four Eargels (XS, S, M, L) , three Earwings (S,M,L), two Fitclips, a Micro-USB cable and a Protective pouch.

Specifications and Features

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Before using the Jabra Sport Coach for the first time you will need to charge them for approximately two hours. The charging port is located behind the right headphone earwing. Use the Micro-USB cable to charge the Jabra Sport Coach. Jabra includes one cable but any Micro-USB cable should do the trick.

To turn on the Jabra Sport Coach press and hold the multi-function button. When initially using the Jabra Sport Coach it will automatically go into pairing mode. Otherwise press and holding the multi-function button until it flashes blue will also put the unit into pairing mode.

Now open the Bluetooth menu on the phone and select the Jabra Sport Coach from the list of devices. For those using NFC enable devices turn on the NFC on the mobile phone and slowly slide the NFC zone (back of the inline controller) against NFC area of the phone. For this review I paired the Jabra Sport Coach with my iPhone 5S and Apple Watch.

The Jabra Sport Coach controls call and music using the inline controller. The Multi-function button will play/pause music, answer/end calls, reject calls, and redials the last number.

Jabra offers a free app – Jabra Sport Life that enables you to create, track and personalize your workouts, listen to on-the-go workout status updates, monitor your heart rate and much more.

When using the unit with the Jabra Sport Life app the Sports button on the left earpiece will start the app and then holding the button for one second will start the workout or resume/pause it. Double tapping this button disables/enables on-the-go updates.

The Jabra Sport Life App is a pretty comprehensive exercise app. Initially it will set up your profile including height and weigh along with app preferences. It also provides detailed instructions on setting up the Jabra Sport Coach for the best fit.

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Once this is setup you can perform a fitness test or perform pedometer calibration. Now you are ready to work out with the Jabra Sport Life app using the Jabra Sport Coach Bluetooth headset.

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Activity options include – running, cycling, walking, cross-training, hiking, running (treadmill), skating, skiing, walking and walking treadmill. Once an activity is selected you can choose the workout options ranging from just Track Me, Set A Target, Target Pace, Interval Training and Cross Training. The cross training option offers five circuits – CardiCore, TakeOff, BellyBurn, PushPerfection, MadCore.

For my testing I used the app for my runs and compared it to RunKeeper as they monitored similar information. The results between the two apps were comparable. Unlike Runkeeper I did not have to pay for detailed reports or history, which makes this app worth it for that feature alone.

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I found the Jabra Sport Coach to be the best Bluetooth headset to wear out of the box. The included combination of ear gels and ear wings helped me get the proper fit in a matter of minutes. For me the initial combination of gels and wings fit my ears exactly right out of the box.

In terms of comfort the Jabra Sport Coach fit and stayed in place the best compared to the Jabra 46


The Jabra Sport Coach is designed for the exercised focused individual especially for those with cross training in mind. Using the free Jabra Sport Life app adds a personal trainer to your workout regimen by providing intelligent audio coaching.

Acoustically the Jabra Sport Coach headphones sound excellent. Although they will not match up with high-end wire headphones they still sound excellent especially when working out. Jabra designed these headphones to be comfortable, weatherproof and most importantly to sound great.

The Jabra Sport Coach are ideal for the fitness focused and are priced competitively with other high end Bluetooth headsets. These headphones will be a staple in my gym bag for years to come.

+Free Jabra Sport Life App
+Includes carrying case
+Features Dolby technology
+Works with Apple Watch

-Shorter battery life than other Bluetooth headsets
-No Apple Watch app



Scores Out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-9-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review.

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