Review of Satechi R1 Arm Hinge Holder Stand for Tablets

Every once in a while a product comes along that I’m just totally impressed with and that’s what I have today. I’ve never heard of Satechi before and chances are you haven’t either but they’ve sent me over one of their latest product called the R1 and it’s a stand for tablets. Yes it’s a rather simple product, no I take that back, it’s not simple, but it’s certainly interesting.  This is just one of those products that I can’t find much wrong with and those types of products are truly few and far between. So read on…

The stand comes in a little rather plain box, not much info, just a couple pictures.

sat1 sat2

Inside you’ll find the stand, a user manual and a cloth carrying bag.

sat3 sat4

The bag is nice and thick and it’s a drawstring style. In the bottom corner is the R1 logo.

sat5 sat6

The stand is solid metal and it’s rather at 12.5 ounces and it’s silver in color, bright silver really.


The bottom of the stand is rubber to prevent it from slipping or sliding around.


The stand folds up and fits easily into the carrying bag. The hinges are big and they do have quite a bit a tension on them.


Here’s several views of the stand unfolded:

sat10 sat11 sat12 sat13 

Your tablet sits on two little ‘C’ shaped hooks and leans back onto a rubber pad. The hooks are also rubberized.




 sat16 sat17

 sat18 sat19 

I used the TouchTab10 because it’s quite a bit heavier than the Le Pan and the Satechi R1 still held it just fine.


 sat21 sat22

  sat24 sat25


The R1 stand also works very well to hold you phone.


The rubberized bottom of the R1 keeps it wherever you put it and it stays there. I truly like this stand, it’s well made, it looks great and it works perfectly.


sat1 sat4 sat10 sat15 

The Satechi R1 stand is just one of those things that I think I can’t live without now. I never thought I needed a stand until now really. The R1 is just extremely well made, looks great and it just works.

If you’re looking for a stand for any tablet you own then this is the one you want really. It’s a simple product that just works.

The only issue there might be with the R1 is the price, I ‘m not sure many people will want to pay $50 for a stand. Then again why not? The old adage ‘you what you pay for’ really applies here. You’re paying for a quality product and that’s exactly what you’re getting.


+Very well made
+Includes carrying case
+Looks great
+Works great

-A bit expensive

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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