Review of Thecus N2310 NAS Server

In my opinion the Network Attached Storage Server or NAS Box for short is the most useful type of storage solution out there for all of your digital stuff.  NAS boxes can do just so much more than a USB hard drive or flash drive, just so much more, but they do come at high price usually but sometimes you can come across a lower priced one that can fit into most budgets. Thecus has recently introduced the N2310 which is a two bay style NAS box that offers a lot of features and great performance for a low price. So read on to learn more…



The box for the N2310 NAS isn’t what I would call exciting, it’s fairly subtle looking, but it works and it’s got a nice carry handle built right in.


When you unpack the box you’ll see the N2310 wrapped in plastic and styrofoam for shipping along with a small brown box and instruction sheet.



Included in the smaller box you’ll find the accessories, an Ethernet cable, user guide, software CD and bags of screws.

thecus3 thecus4


The right and left sides of the N2310 look the same, the Thecus logo is there and the housing is black plastic.

thecus5 thecus6


The front of the NAS is where you’ll find the two hard drive bays towards the left side. Over on the right side you’ll see a row of LEDs down the side for power, status, hard drive activity, Ethernet activity and USB activity. Below the status lights are two buttons, the top is the copy button that let’s you automatically copy from a USB device to the NAS. The bottom button is the power button to turn the N2310 on and off of course.


thecus9 thecus8


To get the hard drive racks out you just push the button and since they’re spring loaded they just pop up and you can then pull the racks out.



The racks are plastic and they have space for 3.5” or 2.5” hard drives



On the back is the cooling fan along with a USB 3.0 and a USB 2.0 port, the Ethernet jack, reset button and the power connection.



Here’s a closer view for you: