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Testing and Usage



To get started I grabbed a DVD. To be on the safe side and not have one of those multiple-lettered organizations coming after me I grabbed my brother’s wedding video. (yep I’m a chicken, I admit it, with everything that’s come to light lately about tapping and spying and all that, who knows who’s watching what these days and I don’t want to get in trouble for something that I think is fair use. Better safe that sorry I say!)



To get going with the process, once the DVD is in you just press the DVD button on the main interface and the program will read the DVD and prepare it.

winx4 winx29


I’m just ripping it to PC, so I picked PC General Video with the AVI Video profile but I adjusted it to High Quality.



Once that’s done you’ll be taken to a screen showing everything that’s on the DVD, you only need to choose the main title which is the longest. The other files are usually menus and introductions and such and nobody wants all that, they just want the main move.



I didn’t change any of the settings I just let it on default for basically a straight rip from DVD to .AVi.



Once you’re ready you just press the big ‘Run’ button in the bottom right corner of the interface window and the process will start.



The main title or movie is 24 minutes and 46 seconds long but it only took 3 minutes and 41 second to complete the ripping process.

I should note my computer is a Z68 motherboard with Intel Core i7 2600k with 16gbs of ram in it.

I checked the CPU usage during the ripping/conversion process and it didn’t seem to be using much at all, I was expecting more usage really.



When the movie was complete I checked the properties and found it to be 343mb in size. If you’re ripping for mobile that might be considered large, but I don’t think so, 32gb microSD card are rather inexpensive these days. You have to remember I did set it to high quality so it’s going to come out a bit larger.

 winx32-1 winx32-2


Once I was done with the first rip which I used just the standard profile with original setting, sizes and frame rates, I decided to see what would happen if I tried to upscale it.

I changed the settings a bit to 1920×1080 resolution and I changed the aspect ratio to 16:9 from the original 4:3.



I then let it do it’s thing and it took 6 minutes and 6 seconds to complete the process, which is about double from the first try.

I checked the CPU usage for this as well and found it was about 10% higher for the 1080 ripping process, still not much at all, you could easily do other things while you’re ripping DVDs. Here again it’s not really utilizing the full capacity of the CPU, not sure why, but it still doesn’t take that long.



When going from the standard resolution to the 1080, the output size of the video was slightly larger at 448mb, but that’s to be expected.

 winx33-1 winx33-2


Next I compared the two videos, I wanted to see how much of a difference the upscale would make.

Here’s the original rip in the original resolution with is 720×404:



Then here’s the re-rip at the 1080 resolution:



In the small pictures above it’s hard to tell really but you can click them to see a larger image.

The 1080 looks worse I think, much more pixelated so I did it all again but this time with deinterlacing enabled.


It took slightly longer at six minutes and 43 seconds to complete the process.


The video came out to actually be smaller in size at 412mb as opposed to the 448mb of the first 1080 attempt.

winx37-1 winx37-2


Then here’s a screenshot from that and I don’t see much difference at all.



I also created one image with all screen captures for you to see the differences a little easier. The top is the original resolution, middle is 1080 and then bottom is 1080 with deinterlacing.


The original rip is the better one clearly, both 1080 versions look the same to me.

I should mention that audio was fine in all three versions, it was in sync perfectly.

So that was just a few examples of what WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can do and how it works, I’m not going to go through every profile and rip the disc over and over as I think you get the idea.

The ripping and conversion time and CPU usage will depend on your computer and what kind of CPU is in it and how much ram you have available.


Disclaimer: We are not condoning making illegal copies of store bought copyrighted DVDs, but this is just a review of a program that can help you make backups and copies of your cherished home movies!





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