Review of Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

More and more devices are incorporating Internet connectivity. Adding this connection provides new features to conventional devices. Withings has taken the simple scale and turned it into a tool for helping maintains ones ideal weight.

The Wi-Fi Body Scale provides personalized data that can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or web browser at a moment’s notice. Withings offers free iOS apps for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad or Android app to review this data. Unlike most standard scales the Wi-Fi Body Scale measures one’s weight along with lean and fat mass. In addition the Wi-Fi Body Scale reveals Withings01 

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Inside the package we find the Wi-Fi Body Scale covered by a protective baggy and an adhesive shield along with a USB 2.0 cable, four carpet feet, four AAA batteries, tape measure and installation guide.

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The Wi-Fi Body Scale is a beautiful looking scale with a piano black-mirrored glass slab surface. The scale is extremely flat at 0.9 inches and measures12.6 x 12.6 inches. The scale weighs 5.1 lbs or 2.4 kg for those metrically inclined. This scale comes in black and white versions; for today’s review we will look at the black model.

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Two black lines intersect at right angles dividing the scale into four quadrants. In the center is a silver disc. Found towards the top of the Wi-Fi Body Scale is the display screen. The Withings name is imprinted on the lower half of the scale. Invisible electrodes cover the surface of the scale; these help determine the user’s fat and lean mass.


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One drawback to this mirrored glass slab surface is that it gets dirty very quickly.

Flipping the Wi-Fi Body Scale over we see a silver and white surface reminiscent of the Apple design aesthetic. On each corner are four feet, which are pressure sensitive to help weigh the user. In the center is the battery door compartment along with a silver button.

Opening the battery door reveals four AAA battery bays, a switch for measuring weight in pounds or kilograms and a mini-USB port for initial set up of the Wi-Fi Body Scale.


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To use the software you will need to plug the Wi-Fi Body Scale into your PC or Mac with the USB connector attached to the scale and to your computer. Your local Wi-Fi networks will be listed and you will need to enter the appropriate network password.

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Now you are ready to use the Wi-Fi body scale. Place the Wi-Fi body scale on a regular floor or a non-plush carpet. When using the scale on a carpet you will need to install the included feet to partially elevate the device. Since the scale measures electrical resistance it is best to weigh yourself in bare feet. A typical measurement takes about 10 seconds as the weight is initially measured followed by body fat and then BMI.

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This data is then wirelessly submitted to the Withings website for recording. The user can view this data through popular browsers including Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Chrome. The Withing’s website also works with their blood pressure monitor which can be purchased separately; thus providing a larger

For those using iOS or Android devices a free app is available which provides much of the same information. global view of the user’s health. To get started simply enter your username and password when the app starts.

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Here are some shots of the various capabilities of the web and iOS apps.

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The maximum weight limit for the Wi-Fi Body Scale is slightly less than 400 pounds. Since the scale uses a tiny current to measure fat mass one type of user who should avoid the Withing’s scale are those with cardiac pacemakers.

All of the data is password protected and the user can decide whether to share it via Twitter or Facebook. Additional scale users can share the scale and have their own personal accounts linked to it.

An included tape measure allows monitoring the growth of the entire family.

The provided batteries will supposedly last from 6 to 12 months depending on how often the scale is used. According to Withing’s the scale only connects wirelessly to the Internet after a weighing has been performed.

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Weighing yourself can seem pretty mundane when using a regular scale but thanks to the interactivity of the Wi-Fi Body Scale and its bundle software now this information can be used to motivate and track your health. Withing’s has turned the everyday scale into a powerful tool for maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

What may scare off some potential buyers of the Wi-Fi Body Scale may be the price. This is the one of the most expensive scales you will come across but its potential uses make it a worthwhile investment.

By using a slick interface the scale tracks the users weight, BMI, lean and fat mass. This data can then be forwarded to healthcare providers, trainers or out into cyberspace via social media. The Wi-Fi Body Scale allows up to eight users and can automatically recognize them based on their user data.

In addition the Withing’s website can interoperate with numerous other health services making the MyWithings page an information hub for your health. Whether you are an athlete, health conscious or serious about weight loss, the Wi-Fi Body Scale is a great way to achieve those goals.





+Beautiful design
+Internet connectivity
+Free iOS apps

-Mirror surface gets dirty quickly

Overall score-10-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-10-10

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