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Today is Black Friday, I’m sure quite a few of you are out and about shopping, or browsing the webs for great deals on gifts for your family and friends. If you’ve got a music lover who still needs a gift they’ll very much appreciate the product I’ve got for review today. It’s a cell phone but it’s much more, it’s probably one of my favorite phones I’ve reviewed so far actually, at least it ranks up there pretty high.

Today I’ve got the Sony Ericsson W760i Walkman Cell Phone and it’s just packed with features, it’s so much more than a phone really. The W760i is near perfect really, in my time with it I grew to like it very much, honestly I didn’t want to give it back, but I had to, that’s just how it works. I think if the W760i had a full keyboard it would be the perfect phone for me really, it has everything I like in a phone, excellent call quality, GPS, it’s easy to use and it’s just packed with features.

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First up of course we’ve got the unboxing video for you:


Sony Ericsson W760i Walkman Cell phone

Music as you like it
Play it loud through the stereo speakers on the front. Shake your phone to change tracks. Identify unknown songs with TrackID, use SensMe to choose song by mood.

Fill it up with songs
Headset or speakers – the stereo-widening effect makes your music sound great either way. And the W760 has room for variety – it stores over 950 songs (eAAC+ format).

FM radio
There’s music in the air, just plug in your headphones and activate the built-in FM radio. With RDS, you see which station you’re tuned into, and sometimes, what song is playing. Ideal for when you want to let someone else decide what you listen to.

Shake control
The easy way to change your tune: just shake your phone. With Shake control activated, press and hold the Walkman key and flick your wrist. A vibration lets you know that the track has been changed – a new song from your current playlist is randomly selected and automatically played.

* 103.0 x 48.0 x 15.0 mm
* 4.1 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches

* 103.0 gr
* 3.6 oz

* 240×320 pixel
* 262.144 color TFT

Here’s a video now of using the W760i:

Hmm, just occurred to me I said the wrong name in the video..oops..

Anyway the interface is easy to use and it works well for everything you need to do with it, it’s just packed with so many features, I’m very impressed overall.

Call quality is crystal clear, everyone I spoke to told me I sounded perfectly fine, and everyone I talked to sounded clear as well, regardless of land line or cell service.

Battery life is great, I only charged it once during the week I had it, I had bluetooth on most of the time as well, and it easily paired with my Jawbone2 with no problems at all.

Using it as a walkman or mp3 player is good as well the headphones that come with it are decent, they’re not high quality but they sound pretty good.

The phone is lightweight really and it feels well made, I really like the metallic look of it as well.

GPS seems fine, there was no real software in the phone and I didn’t use ATT Navigator, but I did turn it on outside and it seemed to quickly pick up the satellite signals.

I did ruin into one small problem though, and well it’s not really a small problem, it can be a rather big annoyance, the interface does lag quite a bit at times. You could be doing something and it seems to lock up, or freeze for 1-2 seconds. Like I’ll select something to do and it’s like I didn’t push the button, not a big deal but it can get annoying real fast.

Here’s a quick video I took using the built in video camera:

Video is actually fairly good overall, it easily picks up sounds as well, you can easily hear the music I’ve got playing the background.

and here are a few sample pictures I took with the camera:

DSC00011 DSC00006 DSC00007 DSC00008 DSC00009 DSC00010

Pictures are very nice as long as you hold the phone very still, it works well in regular indoor light and very well outdoors.

DSCF9271 DSCF9272 DSCF9274 DSCF9276 DSCF9279 DSCF9281 DSCF9284 DSCF9285 DSCF9286 DSCF9291 DSCF9293

The W760i is one of those phones that I can easily recommend to anyone who asks me about a good phone, it’s better than a good phone it’s a great phone really.

It’s easy to use, call quality is perfect, pictures and videos are very good, and battery life is good as well, if you include all of the other great features you’ve got a very nice phone overall.

Good camera both video and still
Excellent call quality
Acceleromter built in
GPS built in
Good abttery life
Well made
Easy to use interface

Interface can lag at times

Overall score-9-10
Design score-10-10
Performance score-9-10

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