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At Test Freaks, we don’t seem to focus on fashion too much; for good reason, we are kind of have tunnel vision. However this does not mean we can’t try and look good, correct? Like one of those makeover reality shows, Speck is trying to make us go metro-sexual with their newest line of iPhone 3G cases. The Fitted iPhone 3G Case is the newest line from the well known tech accessory maker.

This case comes covered by a soft fabric material and is available in Black Pinstripe, Tan Houndstooth and Black & White Plaid. Now there is no reason not to be stylish when sporting your iPhone 3G!

The Speck Fitted iPhone 3G Case comes in a white and orange cardboard package with a clear plastic clamshell window showing off the case. On the side of the package is a description of the case in several languages.

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Inside the packaging we find the Fitted iPhone 3G Case and a set of instructions.

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The Fitted iPhone 3G Case we received for review is the Black and White Plaid version; not the most masculine model, but a nice looking case none the less.

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It is composed of a black plastic shell with the black and white plaid cloth material covering the entire outside of the case. There are openings for the volume, headphone jack, power button, camera and dock connector. The Fitted iPhone 3G Case measures 2.75” x 0.75” x 4.75” and weighs in at 4.0.

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On the inside and back of the case we see the Speck asterisk logo and name.

Speck Fitted iPhone 3G Case

Outfit your iPhone 3G in form-fit fashion with a Fitted case from Speck. Fitted is the perfect way to add protection and create your own signature style. The durable, lightweight snap-together design lets you instantly make your iPhone 3G a fashion statement. Soft fabric provides added comfort and extra grip in hand. Custom-fit contours and openings allow access to all ports, sensors and controls.

* Original fabrics create a custom, personalized look
* Form-fit hard shell adds protection and creates a tailored appearance
* Comfortable and lightweight — protects without adding bulk
* Simple two-piece snap-together design
* Complete access to all ports, controls and sensors
* Available in several stylish patterns

Un-snap the two halves of the case by pulling them apart. Insert your iPhone 3G into the back half, making sure you have it in the right way and lined up with the camera hole on back! Snap on the front of the case.

* Length: 2.75 inches
* Width: 0.75 inches
* Height: 4.75 inches
* Weight: 4.0 oz.
* Colors: Black Pinstripe, Tan Houndstooth, Black & White Plaid

Installation involves unsnapping the two halves of the case by pulling them apart and inserting the iPhone 3G into the back half and the snapping on the front of the case. Removal of the case requires pulling the sides outward and pulling down the lower portion of the case near the Home button on the iPhone 3G.

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Once locked within the case, the iPhone 3G is securely in place. Of course as with most iPhone 3G cases, the screen area of the phone is open and can be exposed to any physical trauma. The Fitted iPhone 3G Case should protect the phone from fall from a height, as long as the iPhone does not land with the screen side down. Otherwise, the case seems to provide good protection from minor bumps and dings.

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As with previous Speck products we have encountered at Test Freaks, the Fitted iPhone 3G Case is well constructed with a stylish appearance.

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The Speck Fitted iPhone 3G is well designed and elegant in its presentation. The fabric material was easy to grip and felt secure in my hands. Overall, I felt it provides fair protection for the iPhone 3G from minor to medium impacts and falls.

The pattern choices are not to my taste, but Speck will hopefully expand that repertoire in the near

Quality materials and build
Full access to all controls
Light weight

Patterns may be considered too feminine
No Screen Protection

Overall score-8-10
Design score-8-10
Performance score-8-10

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