XNSPY Mobile Spy App Review: A Suitable Answer to Employee Surveillance?



Employee surveillance has always been looked onto as an expensive investment that most startups can’t afford. It is true in most cases… buying cameras, security systems for computers and phones can make quite the dent on expenses. But this mobile spy app, XNSPY is providing an alternate to entrepreneurs that is both affordable and high tech. Here’s a deeper look into its workings.

Location Tracking

XNSPY’s most impressive feature has got to be its GPS tracker. It should especially come in handy for employees that handle outbound or fleet staff. Take out restaurants, plumbing companies, courier businesses could all use a reliable tracker that displays where all employees are in a singular way. Managers are able to

· track their real time GPS location,

· create geo-fences,

· get alerts when an undesired area is entered/exited.

All data from the tracker is uploaded onto the mobile spy software’s online control panel, so the manager could be sitting at their desk and still know where all their staff is.

Email Monitoring

Another useful feature for this app? Email monitoring. A great deal of corporate espionage occurs through email, so it is a good idea if the employer can keep an eye on correspondences. But since we’re talking startups, most entrepreneurs don’t invest in a hefty security system right away. That’s when XNSPY is useful, because any email that is sent or received through the company devices is visible to the managers. The employer is able to mark certain “trigger” words and contacts. So anytime a suspicious word is used, an alert is sent out right away.


Call Recording

Employers also have a way to record all business calls through this software. The monitor monitoring app records the call from the device in real time and uploads it onto the online portal. All the employer has to do is send a command to the app from their computer and they get audio files automatically.

The mobile spy app is only priced at around $8 and has actually plenty more features to offer. For example, it provides Facebook monitoring as well as SMS reading. For the struggling entrepreneur, a software like this is definitely a bargain.