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A couple days ago I took a look at the CoverBee sleeve for smaller netbooks like my Asus Eee PC 900A, today I’ve got one from GearZap again, it’s the ZeroShock III Netbook case for netbooks and laptops ranging from 10.6” to 11.1”. As the name suggests it’s made to protect your netbook or laptop from damage from shocks like falling, or dropping. the ZeroShock III is nicely made with dual zippers, lots of padding and even a front zippered pocket to carry some extra stuff along with you if need be.

There’s no fancy packaging, just a clear bag with a cardboard insert with information on it.

DSCF1734 DSCF1736

As you can see it’s white in color, the first though you’ll notice when you unpack it is the smell, it’s smells very strongly of plastic or the polyurethane that the cover is made of. After a few days in the air though the smell does dissipate a bit, and I’m sure over time it will even get weaker, but it won’t go away for ever. The outside is made to resist water or liquids to help further protect your netbooks from damage, and polyurethane does a good job of doing this. The back is plain white while the front has a zipper about half way down that goes across the width of the case. The pocket is small yes, but it can be useful.

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Dual zippers hold the case closed, unzipping it reveals the inner padding that is wave shaped or quilted (for lack of a better description..). The padding is actually nice and thick and should offer very good protection for the netbook inside of the case. The sides are also thick, and the zippers will not touch the netbook inside, so you won’t have to worry about scratches.

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ZeroShock III Netbook Case 10.6-11.1" – White

Keep your laptop safe with the impact absorbing ZeroShock III case. The core material is made from low-rebound polyurethane, so bumps and knocks won’t harm your netbook. The front side pocket provides room to store memory cards, usb sticks, cables etc. This case is ideal if you want to carry your netbook inside your favorite bag or rucksack.


– The inside of the case is lined with low rebound polyurethane (slow depression, slow return). Combined with its wave-shaped design, this material offers unrivaled light weight shock protection.

– The outside is made from water-repellent polyurethane which looks great and protects your netbook from rain and spills.

– Zippered front pocket provides room for smaller accessories.

These cases are designed for 10-11" netbooks, they are also ideal for larger 10" netbooks and those with an extended battery. Please check the dimensions below to confirm compatibility.

Product Number: 19909
Manufacturer: ZeroShock
Pocket Dimensions (cm): 27.5 x 21.5 x 4
Fits Laptops/Netbooks up to 11"
Warranty: 12 Months

Price: $24.00  (approximately)

My OCZ Neutrino Netbook needed a home so it went into the ZeroShock III case.


Once inside of the case it seems very well protected, all you can feel is padding and not the netbook itself. One thing to note though is that when you have your netbook inside of the case the front pocket does become smaller, and it’s not recommended you put thick things in the pocket as those things might damage your netbook in a fall.

DSCF1759 DSCF1760 DSCF1761 DSCF1765

The case seems to offer a decent amount of protection, it has a lot of padding in it, it kind of reminds me of a pillow once my netbook was inside of it, a little puffy pillow. The zippers seem well made, along with the rest of the case, there’s heavy stitching all over the it so it should last for quite some time.

DSCF1767 DSCF1768 DSCF1769 DSCF1770

DSCF1734DSCF1760 DSCF1746DSCF1758

The ZeroShock III Netbook case is a nice solution to protect your netbook from bumps and possible damage while on your daily commute. The case features a lot of padding so it will offer a lot of protection for your case, the cover is liquid resistant to further protect your netbook.

There is one small problem with it, it smells strongly of plastic, this might annoy some people, but it does dissipate after a while, though the smell is never completely gone.


+Seems well made
+Thick padding for good protection
+Cover is liquid resistant

-Strong plastic smell

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-10-10

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