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MusicSkins Custom Netbook Skin

A little bit ago I reviewed a covering for my Apple iPod nano 4th from a company called MusicSkins, and I found it to be a nice product overall. A couple weeks ago they emailed me again asking if I’d…

RunCore 64GB Pro IV 70mm PCI-e SATA Solid State Drive SSD

The Asus EeePC 900a is a great little netbook with one big flaw, it comes with a tiny little 4gb SSD drive that is very slow. Actually there’s two flaws, the second would be how Asus handled the updates of the operating system, they’re automatic and they fill that tiny SSD to the point where the system slows to a crawl. The OS that is on the SSD is ok for just messing around, but let’s face it, most everything is Windows and to be any kind of productive with the EeePC you’ll need to install Windows on it. This isn’t a Linux vs Windows or even vs Mac rant, so I don’t want to hear about it, this is a review of the Runcore 64gb SSD for the EeePC 900a that will turn that little netbook into not only a speed demon, but something that can be a more productive machine.

ASUS Holiday Lineup

We just posted our Pepcom Coverage, but I’ve got a lot more info for you from the show coming up. We’ll start with the new Asus stuff:

be.ez LArobe 8.9 "Netbook Case

There’s no doubt that netbooks are popular, they’ve become very popular in a short amount of time because they’re inexpensive and very portable. Even though they don’t cost too much, you’ll still want to protect your netbook as you would…