Review of Func KB-460 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Usage and Testing


First off I want to say that for my testing I did not use the wrist rest, I do not like them at all, never have, they just seem to get in my way. Thankfully Func has made the wrist rest optional so you can use it or not depending on your preference.

The KB-460 is fully plug and play, you can plug it in and start using it. When I plugged it in Windows 7 found it and automatically installed the drivers, no issues there.

There is software to install, you download it directly from the Func website and it’s aptly named ‘Func KB-460 Settings’. You don’t have to install the software but if you really want to make the most of the KB-460 then you should.

When you open the program you’re greeted with the keyboard layout on the right side and the left side has the memory buttons for you to change the function of the keys. A few of the keys are grayed out as you cannot change those, but you wouldn’t want to as they’re the Function keys to change the profiles and adjust the brightness and use the multi-media keys. The Windows key is also grayed out but that automatically gets disabled when in Func mode.



To use it you press one of the memory buttons like M1 for this example and then press the key on the on-screen keyboard you want to change or program. Go back over to the drop down box and you’ll see all of your options for programming it. You can program the key with a custom Macro or cut, copy paste and more shown below or you could disable it like I do with the Caps Lock key. I also have the Insert key disabled as well, for some reason I seem to accidentally hit that one often too.



If you choose to program a Macro a new box will open up to let you record your Macro, hit the record button and go at it.



The software works, but it just feels a bit unpolished to me and not quite what I would call intuitive. Don’t get me wrong, for what it is it works, it just seems to me it could be better overall.


The KB-460 has 128kb of memory on board for storage and it gives you five profile choices with ten programmable keys for each profile and they can be a mixture or preset and macros. You can have one profile for regular office stuff, and then one for gaming and then one for a specific game. I guess you really could say there are six profiles, five programmable ones and then when it’s off in standard keyboard mode. The KB-460 is very customizable, gamers and non-gamers alike can find a use for this keyboard.


Func really paid attention to details, the board under the keys is red, they’re Cherry MX Red key switches and the board is red. The red can be seen without the LEDs lit, but it’s a semi-gloss so it actually helps to reflect the light from the LEDs and spread it around more while they’re lit. When you remove the keys of course you can see the switches with the little Cherry logo on them and the LEDs on or in each key switch. The switches are rated for 50 million strokes each so they should last quite a while I would think. My keyboard that I use most often I’ve had since 2007, a Raptor-Gaming K1, and that’s basically everyday use, except for the brief period when I get a new keyboard for review, but it has Cherry key switches which are also rated for 50 million strokes. At the end of January it will be seven years I’ve had it and it still works just like the day I got it. You can expect the KB-460 to last for several years, at least the switches!

I should note Func does not include a key puller with the KB-460 but I had one from another keyboard that worked just fine, but the keys do come off fairly easily really so you can just pry them up without the need for a special tool.


The specs or description does say these are “Silent linear mechanical switches”, but they really aren’t, they are clicky but just not overly so at least for me. You can type without actually fully depressing the key to make it click, but  I’m the type of person who pushes all the way down when I type. I guess it’s because I’m just accustomed to using mechanical keyboards like that and I always happen to like the clicky sound. You can really touch type on the KB-460, a few millimeters and the key press registers.


There are four brightness levels if you include off as a level and then there’s a level Func calls ‘pulse mode’ which is like breathing, it gets brighter and dimmer to off and then back again over time. The settings can be changed using the Fn key and the numpad keys 8 for up and 2 for down. In the next two pictures it’s showing the LEDs on low and then on high.

func33 func32


Here are the bottoms or backs of a few of the keys and as you can see they’re white which also helps to make the LEDs look that much brighter. The keys are actually a translucent white color and then the tops and sides are colored black with the number or letter or function left open so the LEDs can shine through.



Here’s the keyboard in total darkness for you, the LEDs make it very easy to type or play games in the dark. This is the brightest setting and yes it’s bright but it’s not so bright as to be too bright in the dark, I hope you understand what I mean by that. The lowest setting is very dim but still very viewable in the dark, in the light of day you can barely see it lit up when on the low setting.



I have no complaints about the illumination of the KB-460, I use it both day and night and I always have it set to maximum brightness no matter what time of the day it is. If I wanted to be really picky I could mention that the LEDs are located at the tops of the switches and for the majority of the keys this is fine but for the top row of Function keys where the multi-media functions and profiles aren’t as brightly lit as the function labels are. For me this is not a big deal, I can see them just fine, you can’t exactly put the LED right in the middle of the key, I just don’t think it would work.

I’ve been using it as my main keyboard for a time now and I like the KB-460 very much, there is a period of adjustment of course when it comes to using a new keyboard. The KB-460 key spacing is slightly farther apart it seems than the keyboard I normally use so I do make a mistake here and there but I’m getting better and faster all the time.

I’m happy the say the switches work great, no problems there. I use my keyboard for everything, gaming and everyday use, I don’t switch keyboards out for gaming, I think one keyboard should work for everything and the KB-460 does.

The keys have a soft-touch finish to them making them comfortable to type on and their size is just right I think.

These are Cherry Red MX switches, so you’ll have to keep that in mind especially if you’ve used other mechanical keyboard before. I like MX Red switches, I like springy and clicky, some people hate them, to each his own I say. If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard before it might not matter, opinions differ though, like anything, one person will tell you MX browns are better for typing, but to me the reds are just fine for all around use.



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  1. kchaos
    February 22, 2014 at 9:49 am

    Just started playing on a mechanical keyboard, as I was told they are awesome! Also I have had really good luck with Func in the past, actually still using their mouse pad. The surface 1030, its still like new and YEARS old!

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