Review of Halite Video Purifier by Salt Labs

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Specifications and Features


Halite Video Purifier by Salt Powered by Darbee Visual Presence

Enhances: HD video, standard video, Blu-ray, DVD, video games, smartphone videos, tablet videos, static images, and more
Multiple levels of Image Enhancement
Multiple Viewing Modes: High-Definition, Gaming, and Full Pop
Easy Installation
Free Technical Support

Take your movie and gaming experience to the next level with the Halite Video Purifier by Salt Labs. The Halite is a plug-and-play accessory designed to add depth and realism to any digital video or images displayed on your screen. All of this is accomplished using the widely acclaimed Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) technology.

How it Works
The Halite goes beyond the conventional limitations of graphics technology, and instead processes images the same way the human brain does: by using depth cues. Depth cues are what tell your brain you are seeing an object with real depth. The Halite takes each frame of video and mathematically makes a version of it from the right and left (as if there were two cameras pointed at the image), and then takes those images and subtracts the differences, making depth cues stand out more. This method of depth processing allows for greatly enhanced depth and realism to HD and standard definition video, Blu-Ray, video games, and even digital photographs.

The Halite can greatly enhance the gaming experience by adding new levels of detail and texture not visible before, essentially transforming the environment and making characters and objects clearer and more distinct. And the best part: all of that processing is done in less than 16 milliseconds (less than one frame), meaning no drop in frame rates.

Levels of Enhancement
The Halite allows for multiple levels of video enhancement (from 0%-100%), which can be adjusted by the viewer depending on preference and application. There are also different modes that viewers can use for different uses: Hi-Def, Gaming, and Full Pop.

The Halite and the Darblet
The Halite and the Darblet both use Darbee Visual Presence (DVP) technology to change the way you see home entertainment. On the inside, both devices are virtually the same. But the innovative designers at Salt Labs decided that technology this amazing deserved to look good too. That’s why they made the Halite.

The body of the Halite has been carefully crafted by Salt Labs’ in-house designers and features a rich satin finish. The seam where the body has been connected together runs around the rectangular form away from the buttons, lights, and ports to create a clean, uninterrupted face and add to the overall design of the Halite. And the eye-catching red feet make sure the Halite won’t go anywhere.


HiDef, Gaming, Full Pop viewing modes
HDMI 1.4 Compliant and works with 3D
Deep color, 30-bit 4:4:4
One HDMI input, one HDMI output
Buttons: Enhancement toggle, Up, Down, Menu/Back
Dimmable LEDs for Video and Power
Full control through on screen menu
65mm x 126mm x 22mm

Halite Video Purifier
3 ft flat HDMI cable
IR remote control
Power adapter

Sewell Part #:  SW-30304
Mfg Part #:  SW-30304

Price: $349.00 (with free shipping)

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