Review of SuperTooth HD VOICE Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Hands-free driving is no longer optional but in most states it is mandatory. To help keep folks from breaking the laws SuperTooth have released their latest Bluetooth car speakerphone-the SuperTooth HD VOICE. This hands-free speakerphone simply attaches a vehicle’s sun visor via a magnetic clip allowing the user to partake in the hands-free calls while driving. Aesthetically this version looks like the previous model the SuperTooth HD, what differentiates the two is the change in firmware.

The SuperTooth HD VOICE features two speakers with 5-Watt audio output and a 5.4 Watt amplifier. Its dual speaker design also includes a dual noise canceller and a dual microphone. It comes with 12 spoken languages preprogrammed including British English, American English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Polish.

SuperTooth makes this a truly hands-free unit by announcing the name of the caller and allowing the user to pick up calls simply by saying the word “OK”.


 SuperTooth HD Voice Review


The SuperTooth HD VOICE arrives in a black and blue cardboard box with the device pictured through a clear plastic window. On the sides of the box are a full-scale image of the device along with its dimensions and a pictographic list of features. On the back of the box are some written features in ten languages along with the contents of the package.


SuperTooth02 SuperTooth03


Opening the box we find the SuperTooth HD VOICE, a USB to Micro-USB cable, USB car charger, sun visor metal clip, user manual and Quick Start guide.


The SuperTooth HD VOICE is composed of matte black plastic with a brush metallic plate over the main section. It is solidly built and measures 12.5 x 5.9 x 2.5 cm while weighing 112 g. Looking at the front part of the Bluetooth speaker we see the SuperTooth logo at the bottom. The main section of the device is comprised of the main controls including the end/reject buttons, on/off button, volume control button and LED indicator lights for Bluetooth and charge.


SuperTooth07 SuperTooth08

Below the SuperTooth logo are the speakers. The right side of the device holds the charger and update plug which fits a Micro-USB connector. On top just above the volume button is the microphone.


On the backside of the device are two powerful magnets that attach the SuperTooth HD VOICE to the metallic clip that rests on the vehicle’s sun visor.

SuperTooth10 SuperTooth11

Other than the matte black plastic used on this version there is nothing else to differentiate it externally from the earlier SuperTooth HD.

The USB car charger is a low profile style with an LED indicator light.




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