Review of SuperTooth HD VOICE Bluetooth Speakerphone

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Usage and Testing



To start using the SuperTooth HD VOICE it will need to be paired to a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone. When turning on the Bluetooth speaker for the first time it will instruct the user to select their preferred language. There are twelve language choices to choose from.

Pressing the volume control button will select the language as it is announced. At this point you will now pair the SuperTooth HD VOICE to your mobile phone. A pin code of 0000 may be required for some devices. When pairing my iPhone 5 a pin code was not required.

After successfully pairing the speaker to your phone the voice will announce, “pairing successful to phone. Loading phone book. Please wait”. This means the hands-free kit is downloading your phonebook’s contacts. The number of contacts will be announced as the download is progressing. For those with large address books this may take a few minutes.

The SuperTooth HD VOICE can connect up to 8 phones via Bluetooth. To pair an additional phone disable any previously connected phone’s Bluetooth and repeat the pairing process as described above for each additional phone.

To install the SuperTooth HD VOICE in your vehicle simply slide the metal clip onto a sun visor then attach the magnetic back of the SuperTooth onto the clip. The speaker should be positioned such that the microphone is directed towards the mouth of the user



When receiving a call on the SuperTooth HD VOICE the device will announce the caller’s name that is stored in the phone book. After the beep you can answer the call by saying “OK”. You can also press the volume control button for one second pick up the call. Pressing the same button will also hang up the call.

To redial the last number press this same button for 3 seconds. To activate the voice dialing function press the volume control button for one second while in standby mode.

The Bluetooth indicator light on the device glows either blue or red depending on the situation. A steady blue indicates communication is ongoing while a blinking blue means the devices connected/paired/on, while a red LED indicates low battery. A blinking red and blue LED means the devices in pairing mode.

The charger LED will either be orange winners charging or a steady green when the batteries fall.

To turn on the button pressed the on off button for one second. The unit will announce whether the devices powering on and how much battery is available or it is shutting off.

The end/reject button can be pressed for one second to end the call or when in standby press it for one second to reject a call. Pressing the same button for 5 seconds will start an automatic phonebook update in case your contacts have changed.

I tested the SuperTooth HD VOICE with an iPhone 5 so some of the SuperTooth enabled features such as voice dialing are usurped by Siri. Pressing the volume button for one second activates and de-activates Siri on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S.

In terms of sound quality the SuperTooth HD VOICE was acceptable but not as crystal clear as I would expect with the feature set built into this unit. There were times when the voice from the caller was slightly distorted and when I asked how the call sounded on their end they responded it was acceptable but not great.

Hopefully SuperTooth will release a firmware update which will help address these sound quality issues. The volume can be controlled from the user’s phone or by turning the volume control knob. In terms of loudness the dual speakers were able to provide plenty of volume.

If you wish to stream music from your phone, the SuperTooth HD VOICE supports A2DP. This is great when using turn-by-turn based apps such as Google Maps or God forbid, the awful Apple Maps. Acoustically this is not the best way to listen to music as playback sound “tinny” and hollow even when compared to play back from the iPhone 5’s speakers.

Battery life is terrific, like the SuperTooth Crystal, this Bluetooth speaker can last for several weeks between charges. Plus the announcement of battery capacity with each power up helps keep the user apprised of any urgent need for charging.



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