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M-Edge Announces Accessories for Apple iPad 2


Yes, we are your source today for Apple iPad 2 accessory releases! -M-Edge Accessories, the market leading designer in accessories for e-readers and tablets, today announced their upcoming line of accessories designed for the newly unveiled iPad 2. The accessories,…

Which iPad Accessories Do You Need? (Flowchart)


With the iPad being delivered this Saturday, April 3, many people are anxiously awaiting Apples newest and brightest.  After you receive your iPad I am certain, you’ll need at least an accessory or two.  From the iPad Keyboard Dock to…



Today’s review item can easily be mistaken for a Hacky Sack. The MovieWedge is basically a bean bag and is used with various portable media devices as a stand. Sounds far fetched, doesn’t it? It is simple in it form…