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My Secret Diary – Nintendo DS


My Secret Diary is the seventh O-Games title I’ve had the ability to review. While I haven’t been impressed whatsoever by the other two titles in the My Games series (My Dress-Up and My Make-Up), My Secret Diary offers a little bit more substance and is the first game in the series that may actually have a justifiable existence. While the other My games offer little to do and no reason to do it, My Secret Diary has some hint of a purpose and reason for a young girl to give it a few moments of their time. I’m not saying it’s the next Final Fantasy, but at least it’s something.

My Make-Up for Nintendo DS


I’m not the target market for My Make-Up. I’m not a nine year-old girl bored to death with no other means of entertainment and no method of social interaction. That doesn’t prevent me from knowing what does and doesn’t make for a good video game. If you read my recent review of this game’s counterpart, My Dress-Up, you’ll already know the verdict. It’s the exact same bit of slag, but on a face instead of on the body.

My Dress-Up – Nintendo DS Game


When little girls play dress-up, they aren’t doing it for any real purpose. They aren’t hoping to get top marks from a fashion judge. They aren’t giving out wardrobe advice like tiny versions of What Not to Wear. They’re just…

CID The Dummy – Nintendo Wii


I love doing reviews, but there are times when they seem to be more of a chore than fun, when it comes to bad games, writing their reviews is one of those times. Many games start with what could be…

Hurry Up Hedgehog – Nintendo DS


Hurry Up Hedgehog is not what you expect it to be when you hear the title. Naturally, you first think it’s a Sonic rip-off, given the “speediness” of the title. It’s easy to assume it might be some type of…

Challenge Me: Maths Workout – Nintendo DS


Ahhh, logic games. The DS is full of them, and the bandwagon is led by strong offerings like Brain Age. As with any successful niche, other companies have been trying their hand at developing enjoyable edutainment. I recently took a…

Challenge Me: Brain Puzzles – Nintendo DS


Puzzle games are one of those surprising genres that have seen mainstream success. There are dozens of great titles out there that challenge your brain, get you thinking, and digitally upgrade age-old puzzles that people used to do in activity…