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iBUYPOWER launches AMD Phenom II x6 systems


  Following the Maingear announcement, we’ve now got iBuyPower chiming in as well with their own PR about how they’ve now upgraded their systems to the new Phenom II X6.There’s 3 different systems available varying from $999 up to $1639…

How Stuff Works: A Computer CPU


You’ve got a brain, right? Sure you do! And so does your computer. But instead of a soft, squishy blob of neurons and axons and synapses, your computer has a small square chip about the size of a Triscuit cracker…

Dynatron G950 Genius CPU Cooler


Keeping your computer cool is essential. A CPU that gets too hot can shut down the machine, or worse, lead to permanently damaged hardware. With that being the case, a well-functioning CPU cooler is a crucial component to keeping your…

News and review for July 3rd 2009

I’m sure a lot of you are off today, and probably not even home today, most of you out there are probably traveling for the holiday weekend.. Have fun, think of me as I’m working… here’s the news: