6 Cool YouTube Hacks You Can Use

YouTube’s success is not hidden from anyone’s eye. It was founded 12 years ago by three former PayPal employees: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. YouTube has become the type of digital reference for anyone using the Internet. Whether it’s for information, entertainment, alternative media, or anything else, YouTube has awarded many of its 15 minutes of fame. Over time, the phenomenon has improved its offerings to make it more scalable. To take full advantage of its features, we will share six tips that can completely change your experience as a YouTuber.



Written transcripts are available for each video uploaded.

Although the quality of sound and video has reached gigantic heights in the past decade, it is still useful to also have a transcript. YouTube automatically generates transcripts for each downloaded video file and is available to anyone who wants it unless it is manually blocked. Of course, these automatically redacted transcripts can sometimes make people laugh.

International video restriction? Not anymore

All of them suffered from the tension that they cannot access to access a video in their country. It can be a song any other video. However, if you are determined to try forbidden fruit, here is a link that explains how you can do it. Other than YouTube now you can play some free Bingo https://www.bingosweets.com/free-online-bingo/. So, Enjoy!

Block YouTube ads

As if the TV commercials were not taking enough time, you now have to go through the YouTube commercials while watching videos. However, there is a respite. Chrome users can get the “AdBlocker for YouTube” extension to enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience. This is a feature that everyone will swear!

GIF in a jiffy

Life is full of precious moments, and some videos are full of life. I like something and want to see it as a GIF animation, don’t wait for someone else to do it. Replace the URL with “gif youtube,” It will transfer you to a page where you can create your GIFs.

Favorite videos

Time is a spiritual currency and must, therefore, be spent with great care. If you are busy and cannot watch a particular video because of your boss or cannot increase the volume as this could disturb your colleagues, YouTube, like Facebook and Google, offers you the possibility of watching it later. To add your video to the subsequent playlist, “Open the video on YouTube and click Add icon and add the video that you want to add it, as you did in the previous step … To access these videos, go to your YouTube homepage and select “Watch later” from the menu on your screen’s left side.

Custom URL

“Create a custom URL If you have a YouTube channel, wouldn’t you like your users to clearly remember your name? Sure, you would. One way to guarantee this is to personalize your URL with your name. The only downside to this type of Forbearance is that you can’t change it once you’ve asked for it or transfer it to someone else. Please be on the lookout for tomorrow and carefully think about it if a particular name may bother you later.