Choosing Body Armor


Body armor is a term that refers to any type of bulletproof vest but can include other protective gear such as groin and leg protection, helmets and protection plates.

Body armor comes in different shapes and sizes. The level of protection and vest style also play a major role in the decision making. Whether you are looking to become a seller in body armor or considering to get a body armor for yourself, there is some basic information you need to have.

Choosing the right body armor for you is an important decision as it could making the difference between life and death. While choosing a body armor that leaves you exposed is risky, it is also not a wise idea to wear armor that offers unnecessary protection.

Here are the factors to consider when choosing body armor.

Comfort and maneuverability

While body armor is not the most comfortable item to wear, it needs to comfortable enough not to distract you. You need to pick one that makes you feel good when wearing it. You need body armor you can move around in. it should not squeeze you or hurt you.

You need to know that wearing armor that is too big can make it hard for you to move around. Therefore, getting the size just right is very important. And may not offer you the protection you need. Ensure you can move your torso and arms comfortably. This is important because when faced by a tactical situation, you need to be able to move freely and quickly.

The weight

With improvements in body armor technology, carriers and plates are becoming lighter in weight. This ensures that the wearer moves around with as minimal extra weight as possible. Wearing a heavy body armor can be tiring. Lightweight body armor allows the wearer to move swiftly in the event they find themselves in a situation where they are a target.

Level of concealing

Depending on the situation the wearer needs the armor for, how well the armor fits is very important. One needs to wear a vest that is not visible to the attacker. If an attacker sports the armor, they can easily target their shot for other body parts that are not protected. Also, wearing body armor that sticks out of the normal clothes is uncomfortable.

The cost

The cost of your armor dictates the level of protection it offers you. The higher the level of protection needed, the more expensive the vest is. The quality of the armor is also dependent on the amount you spent on it. It also determines whether you are in a position to retaliate when attacked. The quality of your armor can make the difference between suffering a few bruises or broken ribs. Therefore, you need to consider the quality as you consider the cost.

Field of use

When picking body armor, you need to consider the field you will be using it, history of attacks and likelihood of an attack. This makes it easy for you to decide on the best level of protection and also type of body armor best suited.

The material

The material the armor is made from affects how the armor absorbs moisture when you sweat, maintenance required, as well as comfort level and the price. If you wear the armor on top of your clothes, you need to consider what you are wearing underneath the armor and also how long you will have the armor on you. You need to consider contact of the armor with your skin as some material can cause discomfort and skin abrasions in different conditions.

The body armor plates

These are soft or hard plates on the front part of the armor as an extra protective measure for the wearer. It is important to ensure that the plate holding panels are heat sealed. This is because the panels and ballistic material need to be protected from direct sunlight and also moisture.

Ensure you take into consideration all these factors when choosing body armor. You can follow this link for more details on body armor.