Gathering Customers’ Feedback: How to Get Reviews for Your Mobile App


First of all, you need to understand the users’ psychology and take into account some rules of communication. All users can be divided into two categories – willing to give their feedback at any time and those who prefer using an app without giving any comments. Either category has its drawbacks. The users belonging to the first one will write everything they think about an app so you can’t be immune to negative feedback. The second group of customers is unwilling to share their opinion, so they don’t influence the rating of an app and deprive you of the opportunity to pay attention to some important points.

Keep in mind that very few customers will go to the app’s website to leave their feedback; therefore, you should integrate a feedback function right into an app. However, avoid bombing the users with pop-ups. That can be pretty annoying and lead to negative reviews.

How to ask for feedback

All users are different and unpredictable; you can’t be sure which strategy of getting more reviews and feedback will work. Here are the most common ways of getting feedback.

· A built-in function of sending feedback.
Most developers place the buttons such as “contact us”, “send feedback”, or “rate us” straight into the apps. The buttons like these are often overlooked by the users. Thus, if the users’ opinion is very important for you or you need more reviews to increase the app’s rating, you should take another approach.

· Pop-ups.
This strategy is mainly aimed at improving an app’s rating. Although pop-ups can significantly add to the rating of an app, they also can provoke negative feedback. Their main disadvantage is that they appear while using a product and bother the users. People don’t like when something prevents them from comfortable utilization of an app that is why too frequent pop-ups may lead to negative feedback.

· Integrated feedback forms.
The developers from say that any feedback request should be unobtrusive and look integrated. To achieve this, you need to create a custom-built mechanism for getting reviews. The integrated feedback forms let a particular user skip the feedback request or give their opinion. Integrated forms can be employed in different apps including shopping ones. In that case, a feedback form can follow a purchase operation. As to the rating forms, they can present a question with the proposed answers. For example, the question “Do you like reading us?” can have two answers and if a user clicks on “Yes” a new request such as “Rate us” will appear. If a user chooses a “No, thanks” button, the dialog is over.

· Real-time messaging.
Many websites have an instant messaging function that lets them get users’ feedback in real time. The same function can be integrated into a mobile app.

· Surveys.
When you need to understand the users’ needs better in order to improve your app, embedding an in-app survey can make a difference. The questions should be of multiple choice and concern the functionality or new features. Generally, surveys are provided by the third parties.

When is it the right time to ask for a review?

Timing is extremely important when asking for users’ feedback. It’s risky to wait for the second time a customer will use an app as they can never use it again. In order to ensure getting feedback and positive review, you should ask for it once. The right time to do that can be the moment when a user has successfully used an app to achieve a certain goal or when he or she has been actively using an app for quite a long period of time.

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