Holiday Wish List – or things that should be on your list from the products of 2008

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There’s a plethora of products out there today to choose from when it comes to things we want or need, and we’ve compiled a list of things that we want and think should be on your holiday wish list this year.


Let’s check out accessories first up:

Griffin PowerDock 2 Charging Base for 2 iPod or iPhone Models


Manufacturer: Griffin

Put an end to power struggles. The Griffin PowerDock 2 saves space by charging up to two different iPod or iPhone models simultaneously.

PowerDock 2 is a charging base where your family can charge their iPod or iPhone. This single unit includes two built-in Apple Universal Docks. And it comes with a collection of Universal Dock insert adapters to ensure that nearly every iPod gets a place at the table.

It’s cheap as well, you can get it over at the Apple store for $49.95

"The PowerDock by Griffin Technology performs exactly as advertised and it does precisely what you think it would do. It is a bit of a shame that it doesn’t come with any additional functionality, because it would be nice to have a USB or A/V output of some kind. As it stands, the PowerDock doesn’t do much more than what a simple AC adapter can do, except it allows for a dock" –MobileMag


Keeping on a subject similar to docks, how about a great speaker system for your iPod or iPhone, the Ewoo Efizz


Manufacturer: Ewoo

It’s pricey though coming in at around $550

"I am truly impressed by the sound coming from the Ewoo eFizz speaker system. It is on par with higher end stereo systems and provides a rich soundstage with deep bass and warm highs. Even at high volumes, the sound was clear and crisp. Plus the upgradeable firmware is a unique feature that few if any iPod speakers share." –DSM 



Jawbone2 Bluetooth Headset


Manufacturer: Aliph

We all talk on the phone and in most places it’s mandatory you have a handsfree kit, so why not get the best of the best, the Jawbone2.

"The Jawbone2 BT Headset is truly the epitome of class and style when it comes to BT headsets, it not only looks great, but it’s comfortable and works well. The NoiseAssassin feature really does work at blocking out all external sounds, you can easily drive with the windows down and talk with no interference at all. It’s extremely comfortable to wear, after a while you don’t even notice that it’s on your ear" –TF

The Jawbone2 will run you about $100, but this time of the year you can easily find it for much less.


Next on your list should be a good set of earphones or headphones for that new MP3 player you got or are going to be getting… you like your music, you’ve spent quite a bit on a good audio player so why settle for the inferior earphones that usually come with them, get the best.

Future Sonics Atrio model m5 (Black) Professional Earphones


Manufacturer: Future Sonics
Price is around $200

"The Future Sonics Atrio M5 Earphones are nothing short of spectacular in terms of not only sounds quality but comfort and build quality as well. I’m truly amazed by the audio quality of the M5 earphones, you’ll never hear music the same again."TF


moving on, if you want an MP3 player this year, you could go with an Apple iPod like everyone else has, but my personal favorite is the Zune


Manufacturer: Microsoft

Price is around $260

specifically the Gears of War 2 Edition, it combines great audio, video and build quality for a great device that’s hard to beat.

"The Zune 120Gb, for me, is the mp3 player to own, it’s got  a huge capacity, large, gorgeous 3.2 inch display, wireless capability, FM tuner, it’s well made, it’s very easy to use and it’s got great battery life, what more could you ask for?" TF


we all need storage space to take our stuff with us, so why not small and portable like the Patriot Memory Patriot 64GB Xporter Magnum


Manufacturer: Patriot Memory

price is around $170, depending where you look

"The Patriot Xporter Magnum 64gb USB drive is a nicely made product that seems durable and should last for quite some time and it’s got some good speeds overall. If I had a choice between the large capacity or the higher speed, I’d happily choose the larger capacity any day. If you’re looking for a large capacity USB drive then I’d definitely give this one a look as it’s well made and it’s got some decent speeds." –TF


next up how about a new video card that combines excellent performance with a low price point? The Diamond ATI Radeon HD 4870 1024MB GDDR5 Video Card fits the bill nicely, especially since ATI has dropped the prices on them


Manufacturer: Diamond

price is around around $300 depending where you look.

"The Diamond 4870 1gig Video card is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a high end graphics card, it performs well in both DX9 and DX10 on the latest games with no problems at all. Yes it can get loud when under load, but it’s relative to what sound level you personally can stand coming from your system, really it’s not that loud at all." –TF


Moving on, how about a new laptop under your Tree, Tom wants the new 13-inch Apple Macbook for his gift this year


Manufacturer: Apple

They’re a bit pricey though with them starting at $1299 for the Aluminum versions.

"With the MacBook, Apple has corrected a handful of the iBook’s shortcomings, hit a reasonable price point, and delivered a laptop that makes a great compromise between size and portability."Cnet


Tom also has another suggestion from Apple that he’d like to see under his tree also, the Apple Time Capsule


Manufacturer: Apple

Back up a lifetime’s worth of memories with the all-new Time Capsule, a wireless hard drive that works seamlessly with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard. It’s also a full-featured 802.11n Wi-Fi base station. Choose from 500GB and 1TB models.

The Time Capsule comes in at around $499

"Have Apple failed to sprinkle their magic across backup, then? No, not at all: if you’re a Mac user who is less than organized when it comes to data management, Time Capsule could be ideal. It’s very much a set-and-forget solution, with straightforward setup and the reassurance of Time Machine making sure you never lose your files. Advanced users may sneer, but for the legion of Mac owners who up until now have never bothered backing-up, Time Capsule could be just the medicine."SlashGear


Next up is another laptop, or actually a netbook, Stefan would love to see an Acer Aspire One under his tree this year!


Manufacturer: Acer

Price is around $279

but I know Radio Shack has just started a deal where they’re only $99 with a data plan from AT&T, so that could be a very good deal there!

"The Acer Aspire One is the best buy among netbooks at the moment. It’s got good performance, solid build quality and good looks. The features for the price beat ASUS, Dell and HP. At $349, portable computing just got more affordable. And for those who aren’t budget-constrained, the Acer is one cool ultraportable that’s perfect for vacations, the living room sofa or anyplace else you want to use a small, light computer."MobileTechReview


and lastly is what I want under my tree, well maybe beside the tree as it probably won’t fit under the tree. I want an HDTV  that does 1080p/1080i for Christmas, that’s all I really want..


and I’m not picky either, I don’t want one that costs thousands of dollars, at the present time I’ve got an older 27" television, it works fine for me, but I want something a bit better.. I’d be more than happy with one that was 30 to 40 inches wide…


well that’s it, hopefully we’ve given you some ideas of things to add to your list of wants, or add to your list of things to buy for the techie in your life..


Happy Holidays!

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