How to Catch a Cheating Spouse? – Know Top Ten Hints


It is always disturbing for a spouse to know if his or her partner is cheating. Before jumping into any conclusion, it is important to collect the information. People cheat but it happens rarely and extramarital affairs are too common these days. In the present time, where serial divorces & polyamory is a trend that makes the marriage too disposable as well as flexible, still, couples cave into seduction.


The best course of action is honest dialogues but it will not come up with some honest results while coping up with a dishonest partner.

You may feel sick as well as nagging in a corner of your mind and certain that your partner is not loyal to you. You have got all signs of it and now, want proof to make sure that the partner is deceitful.

Cheating spouse? Find out the evidence here!

Have you asked your partner about dishonesty? The signs are different in the case of a cheating spouse but common threads are there that you can look for.

First off, it will be better to tell truth directly to your partner that he or she is cheating on you. By saying that, you need to garner some proofs before you confront the same your partner. Here are some vital signs of infidelity as given below.

1. Secret messages hidden in audio or photo files

If the cheating spouse is savvy, then they embed an image either to an audio or to a picture file. You may think it is a familiar song or image but it may not be the same case as these are hidden audio or pictures. To make these photos reveal, you can use some tools such as QuickStego and DeepSound that work well for casual cheating partners.

The files look like an ordinary one and you need to put in a passcode to unlock the files too.

2. Special online documents

The most destructive habit for such a how to catch a cheating spouse is to send media files. These files may spice up all things and they can be strong evidence of their extramarital affair. Such materials can be easily used as proof to how to catch a cheating spouse come up with a result. In addition to this, a betrayed person can also secure a copy of images and videos.

There can be an online account for Google Docs and Microsoft 365 to open files and look innocent on the other side. The filename might be changed and when open the file, then the first page may be something different but you need to check the whole doc.

3. Check cloud services

The most common habit of cheaters is to send photos as well as videos and use the special cloud service. For instance, they can use the Keepsafe Photo Vault to store and save media files and accessing them. Most of the customers use Keepsafe for work as well as personal but if you create an account and it is hard to figure out.

Some similar services such as Hide It Pro and Vault with a protection pin.

4. A hidden or locked phone

Most of the people keep their phone away from other people to keep our privacy protected. But it is not the case when it comes to our spouse but if we do so, then it is a direct sign of some illicit messages on the phone. That is why we need to safeguard our phones from the better-half as well.

If the partner keeps the phone away from you and changes the passwords too often, then it is a sign of infidelity. Push notifications are not a cup of tea for a dishonest partner and try to disappear the notification quickly. These are signs that show the dishonesty of your partner.

5. A second phone and SIM card

It is such an easy way to keep all conversations away and protect romantic chats as if you either have another phone or hidden sim card. In this way, the cheating spouse will never get into any confusion and send texts to the wrong person. It is a liability to use the second phone even if it is explained as an emergency or some work phone.

Buying another SIM card that can be easily switched out of your phone through jail-breaking techniques is also a way-out.If you found such a sim card lying anywhere, then put it in your phone and find out the whole data.

6. Check the phone’s locations

As we are relying more on GPS nowadays, so you can keep a track of the previous locations of your partner through history.If it is an iPhone, then you have a place from where youcan get all info about locations. You can find it through Settings -> Privacy ->location services ->System services ->Significant Locations.

If you have an Android, then you can use the Google timeline feature to navigate all movements.

7. Find their phones

Most of the devices have some location technology and it makes it easier to have the service on rather than disable it. If your spouse has an Apple iPhone, then you can locate them with the help of a family account, if any, by signing in on

But if it is Android, then go to the shared PC or laptop and type “Find my phone” and you will get the location of the phone.

8. Search every letter of the alphabet

Sometimes, a cheating spouse is not enough clever and they delete all browsing history that may indicate that he or she is not honest at all. If they are accessing dating websites and think to wrap all searches, then they remove them all.

But search engines do a remarkable job to make guesses based on your previous searches. To do so, you need to type each letter carefully and figure out what the search engines is suggesting to you.

9. Check battery usage

Cheaters use a phone because it is handy & always stay in reach. Moreover, you can get a lot of info about a person by keeping an eye on the phone screen and battery usage. On an iPhone, keep a track of See All Activity, Screen Time, and Settings. You will see what they are using and for many hours.

In the same way, see Battery and Device Care to see all info about apps used along with time and battery percentage.

10. Go through the trash

Deleted images are typically never going out of any device. As we know that there is a trash or recycle bin that retains all data after it gets deleted. Cloud services like DropBox let you recover all items from the trash. Emails get deleted and get into the trash and remain there for a specific period. In the case of the iPhone, there are Voicemails but it can be retrieved. If you have carrier services, then voicemails are available.


In a nutshell, please note that these signs may or may not be true in the case of a cheating spouse. Therefore, it is better to get into all aspects and discuss the same with your partner before making any decision. But these signs are the indication that there is something wrong in the relationship and it needs some proper attention.

These are the marks that need a talk between the partners and also, discuss it well. At the same moment, your mate may not have any signs but they may be cheating on you. The good news is that these hints are not at all result at the end of your relationship.

So, restore trust and make things right and rework your relation.